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People who have suffered major adversity or more so trauma in their lives commonly do experience emotional pain and stress.

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In conversation with Asha Pillai, CFO, Shell’s Hazira Group of Companies and Chairperson of CII’s Indian Women’s Network, Gujarat

My peers, managers, teams, and mentors have been a crucial part of the eco-system that has helped me thrive.

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In conversation with ModMonk Anshul, Founder SoulSchool Business Psychologist, Spiritual Coach and Mystic

I believe that the way our working styles are and will continue in the coming years will affect the way we perceive, understand and analyze things and situations.

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Overcoming stress at home: six effective strategies

The whole world is facing a situation that probably has no match in the recorded history. The pandemic has led to a work-from-home scenario, closing of educational institutions and schools, and families spending most of their time indoors.

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In conversation with Vivek Sagar, Founder & CEO, HopeQure

With every passing day, I got more and more convinced that this problem of reach can only be addressed with better use of technology.

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Mindfulness Can Help Traverse Stress And Anxiety From Difficult Situations Including COVID-19

Mindfulness-based stress reduction technique is effective in the treatment of seasonal anxiety disorders, depression, and also brings about an improvement in distorted views of oneself.

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“Grow Younger & Live Longer: By Invoking Newness in You” during Covid era.

From a very long time, all over the world there has been only one quest in the human mind, that is, the search for the fountain of the eternal youth or Newness or the miracle antidote for ageing.

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Covid 19 triggers OCD in people.

OCD is a psychiatric illness, that impacts 1-3% of the population and is equally present across men and women.

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Invoke - Season 2 of a series of 4 - Happiness Decoded

Try bringing the prayer before food into your lives. Say grace!

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - PwDs during and beyond the Covid-19 crisis

Disability itself has never been a barrier, the lack of support is. The first step towards integrating PWDs is to move from a charity-based to a rights-based approach that sees differently-abled persons as equal citizens.

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Global Wellness Day - A holistic approach to Wellness

On the occasion of Global Wellness day on the 12th of June, we talk to various experts of their respective fields, who give us advice and motivation d...

Hemp-oil based products: Effective alternatives to traditional medications

Realising the immense potential of this herb, a few companies have taken the lead in launching hemp-oil based products in India. ...

LPU scientists develop 100% natural fruit flavored chocolates with additional antioxidant properties

The innovative double fermentation process modifies cocoa bean’s flavor profile and enhances its antioxidant properties by as much as 40%. ...

Healthcare by Heartfulness - a Free-of-Charge Covid Medical Consultation App Launched - Marking the Global Wellness Day

During these trying circumstances, tele-medicine support will provide timely assistance, the right clinical consultation, and alleviate the challenges...

COVID-19 Encounter - An opportunity to revisit, rebuild and reinstate oneself

Lessons I got to learn unveiled a new me, whereof RT PCR report came negative but rest every bit was laden with optimism. ...

Screen time boosting the business of eyecare

Our eyes are very sensitive and during this pandemic a lot of children have had to start wearing spectacles due to the weakening of eyesight by too mu...

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