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Mental Health of millions is affected by COVID-19 Pandemic - Here's how one can seek help from these platforms

While social distancing and self-isolation is at its peak, the need for mental help is more evident than ever.

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Decoding emotional labyrinth of fragrances – commoditization to informed selection: Study

The Scent of an Emotion - a syndicated study by Ipsos India, decodes this vast and complex emotional labyrinth of fragrances, providing brand mavens with a whole new prospect of propositions and imagery for product innovation and communication, tying in with emotional aspirations of consumers.

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Staying relevant and staying positive

When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too - Paulo Coelho

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The Irreplaceable Connection

Legacy does not come from good marketing, or having unique talents, it comes from becoming that ‘irreplaceable’ person yourself, for enough people. In my opinion, that is the start to creating a legacy.

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Mental health matters: Why counselling is important?

If treating physical injuries is normalised, why not extend the same courtesy to mental, emotional ones?

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Recreation – Therapeutical And Fun!

Recreational therapy is recognized as hugely beneficial for behaviour modification, motivation, sensory stimulation, anger management and substance abuse rehabilitation.

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The impact of spirituality on mental health

The most basic attribute of spiritualism is to know oneself and the person deep within. Spiritualism is the journey that one embarks on connecting the soul with the Almighty.

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Tips to manage Stress Migraines

If you are leading a stressful life and that is worsening your migraine then how does one tackle it? Doing so can help you get rid of those notorious headaches.

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Why Emotional Wellbeing Is So Important : Interview With Suzy Singh

In people who habitually avoid feeling emotions, these are repetitively trapped and made stronger, causing their life force energy to deplete, resulting in chronic exhaustion

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Ego Distancing Protects Mental Health

Fear resides in our ego. Our ego is nothing but layers and layers of stories and experiences that validate our identity.|

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10 Tips to alleviate your Child’s mental stress placed by Covid-19 pandemic

By following these tips parents and caretakers can alleviate their child’s mental stress placed by the current pandemic....

10 Tips To Alleviate Your Child’s Mental Stress Placed By Covid-19 Pandemic

Witnessing quarantine or work from home of parents or children themselves have short as well as long-term effects on behavior and personality. ...

Healing your relationship to your Ego: Do not kill your Ego; Heal it Instead

I have no time to battle ego and small minds. In many religious plus spiritual traditions, the ego is considered to be the part of us that is false, s...

Sustainable Sanitation To Pave The Road Towards A Cleaner And Healthier India

To meet the basic requirements for a sustainable sanitation system, communities need support to have toilets in a safe and accessible setting with acc...

How Food Fortification can be an added supplement to combat Nutritional Deficiencies

Food fortification can help in addressing micronutrient deficiencies, improving health and productivity outcomes. ...

In conversation with Sonia Arora Sood and Priyanka Wadhera, Co-Founders, EatLuvNPray.

For situations when someone is experiencing symptoms of a mental health crisis, there is another kind of listening that is the most effective: empathe...

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