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Social Media Detox: The First Resolution To Tick Off This 2020

The New Year marks a new start. Indeed, the beginning of a new calendar year is a great opportunity for us to incorporate healthy changes in our lives. A top priority on list today for all of us is a social media detox!

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How Zumba can help people overcome anxiety, PTSD and depression

There is now a growing realization that we need to take care of our mind as much as our body.

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Preventing Teen Suicide: Be Alert to the Warning Signs

Suicide is a significant public health issue. The World Health Organization estimates that close to 800 000 people die by suicide every year and for each suicide, there are more than 20 suicide attempts. Suicides occurs throughout the lifespan and in all regions of the world. Notably, among young pe

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Loneliness – A public health crisis among the aged

Being a psychiatrist it really pains me to have encountered such cases amongst the ageing population who are facing social isolation and becoming increasingly disconnected from society in general.

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Balancing The Material & The Spiritual Worlds - In conversation with Joseph Rodarick Law

Joseph Rodarick Law is an entrepreneur, investor, bestselling author, speaker and philanthropist. He is the Chairman and CEO of J Rodarick Corporation, a consulting and corporate advisory firm serving private and public companies across many countries. He is also the author of ‘Authentic Power and G

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10 Quick, Smart Methods to Establish Corporate Wellness

Building a successful corporate wellness program takes time and includes a wellness solution that is embedded in the culture of the organization. These programs should continually evolve to meet the needs of employees, thereby supporting the goals of the business.

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Yoga And Meditation For Stress Management

Yoga holds the key to any stress-related disorder with asanas for the body, pranayama for the breath and meditation for the mind.

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Emotional Eating – Seeking fulfillment from your plate

Eating emotionally is about emotional hunger, not physical hunger. How to recognize that our hunger is triggered by our emotions?

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iMumz, a holistic health and wellness app, offers a revolutionary new approach to healthy pregnancy

Conceptualized by a senior Gynecologist, IIT ians and a life coach, the platform is based on the Vedic concept of Garbha Sanskar

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Strength of Mind

The mind lurches from one thing to another at rapid speed, and then we wonder why our mind is not at peace. How can it be? It is exhausted!

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Conducive approaches to stress in today’s fast paced work environment

Hardly anyone is prepared for the avalanche of asks, demands, responsibilities, and the pain of not being able to juggle it all ...

Mindfulness - Finding Peace

When you stay connected to the present moment without drifting either into the future or float into the memories of your past, then you are successful...

Novel Corona Virus

No country was prepared for the corona virus. A completely new strain of the virus, the ‘novel’ corona virus has no known cure. ...

In conversation with Sonam Khurana (Founder of - a portal dedicated to blood donation as an important cause

The whole idea is to create an easy, trustworthy and a reliable network of donors, as well as to grow together with hospitals, blood-banks, and suppor...

Evolution in cardiac care: what has changed in the last decade

It is now possible to make a small incision through which surgeons use a camera to view the heart and understand where the problem lies -- robotic sur...

The Texas Medical Concierge - In conversation with Aanchal Bhatia (President)

We have tied up with major credit card companies, insurance providers, wealth management firms. So, by the end of this year, there would be substantia...

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