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Our body is a sophisticated system; to keep it stable and in balance, we have to take care of this intelligent dynamic system

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How To Deal With Stress, Anxiety During The Lockdown

There is no better healer for stress than nature. This can be understood by observing trees and plants around us when it rains.

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How to overcome teenage suicide attempts?

Depression leading to suicide is the second leading cause of death in young adolescents and youth. We must take some of the measures that we must take to prevent teenage suicide are as mentioned below.

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COVID 19: The psychological battle

Humanity is being tested as never before, but is also rising to the challenges of the present and future — the environment, technological disruption

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Maintaining Sound Mental Health, Now And In The future

A sound and healthy mind over a period of time will lead to natural success and potential happiness.

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Converting Innate Potential into Real Superior Capabilities

“Who you are is not written on stone.” - Antano Solar John

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Cognition of Coaching, Counselling and Coronavirus

Almost everyone is facing economic, financial, personal, or professional issues besides a lot of anxiety about one's own well-being and well-being of families and friends. There is a lot of fear about the future also

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How to stay positive when all around you seems to be falling apart

Whether it is dealing with a crisis or difficult colleagues at the work place, or having differences of opinion at home with your family or your spouse

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When times lock you down, unlock the strengths within

You can also take this time to discover what is right with you and maximize that.

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Men In Leadership Roles Should Become Better Mental Health Ambassadors

Mental wellness is simply too important to be left to HR alone!

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Tips to handle mental wellbeing for lactating moms, especially during a pandemic

We already know that there are changes in the hormones during this phase. This happens automatically without us consciously having to tell our body to...

How breastfeeding helps to increase immunity in pandemic situation?

We are realising importance of immunity during this pandemic more than even before. Here, we tell you why breastfeeding is the need of the hour during...

Mental health matters: Why counselling is important?

If treating physical injuries is normalised, why not extend the same courtesy to mental, emotional ones?...

Golden Hour Breastfeed: A magical start for the newborns

Mother’s milk has excellent nutritious value with right balance of lactose, protein and fats and it’s easy to digest and prevent stomach-ache. ...

Abortion Is Legal, Make It Accessible

One in four pregnancies in India is unwanted leading to 1.5 crore abortions every year. Almost five decades ago, on this day, abortion was made legal ...

Recreation – Therapeutical And Fun!

Recreational therapy is recognized as hugely beneficial for behaviour modification, motivation, sensory stimulation, anger management and substance ab...

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