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What The Stoics Said About Stress

Here’s what the Stoicism, a highly practical yet insightful philosophy from Ancient Greece, has to say about dealing with stress!

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"Let Food Be Thy Medicine" - Dr. Vinu Kumar's (Nutrition Specialist) Mantra!

Can the elements on your food plate decide how you think, feel and behave? Read to know more!

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Sleeplessness and Fatigue: The Hidden Monster Impacting Your Bottom Line

Sleeping in the office is no longer taboo. In recent years, more and more US companies have begun to concede their employees an afternoon siesta (the so-called nap).

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World Suicide Prevention Day: #LETsTALK

Mental health professionals suggest being open to talking about problems and a solid support system can prevent feelings of despair.

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Parents Must Be Proactive In Understanding & Assessing Their Children's Mental Wellbeing

Unfortunately, most parents fail to spot the signs of mental illnesses in their children due to the lack of mental health awareness.

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What Do Tarot Cards Have To Say About Vikram (Chandrayaan 2's Lander)?

If you are an Indian then irrespective of which part of the world you are living in, the words ‘Chandrayaan’, ‘Vikram’ or ‘Pragyan’ are bound to bring a smile on your face and a sense of pride in your heart! You too have been carried off in the wave of happiness that is sweeping millions off the gro

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Yes, We All Are Addicts

In reality, we all are addicts. It may not be cocaine or heroin or marijuana that we find ourselves drawn to but it might be something else.

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How to Incorporate Positive Psychology in your Daily Life!

Here are 5 small ways to incorporate Positive Psychology in your daily life, for a big difference!

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How to Cure Insomnia Using Philosophy

How can a field that seems to primarily be reserved for a few academics be used to cure the sleepless nights of the masses?

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What is the Namokar Mantra?

The most significant mantra in Jainism, the Namokar Mantra, is the first prayer recited by Jains while meditating. The mantra, written by Acharya Pushpdant, is also known as the Pancha Namaskāra Mantra, Navakara Mantra or Namaskara Mantra.

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10 benefits of Classical Pilates by Kavita Prakash

It is this holistic approach that sets Pilates apart from many other forms of exercise....

Exercise vs Diet: Your key to weight loss

In general, weight is affected by physical activity level and caloric intake....

Maintaining Work-life Balance The Right Way

“When I started my career decades ago, going to work involved some physical activities. Now, the millennial working professionals are spoilt with the ...

Tips to Manage Daytime Sleepiness at Work!

Here are some timeless hacks for managing daytime sleepiness at work!...

Ma Anand Sheela: The Disciple's Journey and the Celebrity Status

It is a matter of great interest for Osho lovers and the people who have been seeking answers to their question: Why did Ma Anand Sheela, his dynamic ...

How to Manage Sadness at Work

Let's manage sadness positively at work, using these tips!...

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