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COVID-19 Impact: Inflexion Point For Mental Wellness

The pandemic in its second furrow has distressed millions of lives, inflicting capital and mental ailing on the entire country.

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Thanatophobia Or 'Fear Of Death': Fear That Casts Shadow On Our Daily Life

Anxiety regarding death has been associated with a variety of psychological and mental health problems, including mood disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

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Yoga Acts As Immunity Booster And Helps In Fighting Depression: Kaavita Das, Founder, The Pink Lotus Academia

Yoga lowers stress hormones and also strengthens the nervous system while stimulating the lymphatic system which is responsible to remove toxins from the body.

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Strength Of Character

The importance of strength of character in our psychological and developmental well being and growth.

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Sometimes Just 'Sharing' Can Elevate Pain And Provide Solutions: Neerja Birla, Founder & Chairperson, Mpower

BW Businessworld in association with BW Wellbeingworld hosted the maiden episode of Dialogue Podcast on the subject “Mental Wellbeing: The Need Of The Hour”.

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Heartfulness Education Trust Launches Gitopadesh To Enthuse Children About Ancient Manuscripts

It is a 6-month certification course for students from the age group of 5 to 15 years.

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Mental Health Epidemic: Pulling Each Other Through

The below-mentioned suggestions may or may not be useful, depending upon where the person with COVID-19 is in his/her recovery journey.

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Let’s Unleash Inner And Mental Peace Even When There Is Slightest Ray Of Hope

We don’t have to break into pieces instead if we stay strong mentally then we can fight every situation and can overcome every and any situation.

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5 Tips On How Women Can Combat Stress And Adversity

Here are the 5 tips for the women of today, that can help them cope better with stress and adversity, and gain control of their lives.

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5 ways how mental health concerns among teenagers and young adults can be managed

While academic excellence has been one of the biggest mental stressors for young adults, the online learning with total lack of physical interaction, is only making it worse.

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Global Wellness Day - A holistic approach to Wellness

On the occasion of Global Wellness day on the 12th of June, we talk to various experts of their respective fields, who give us advice and motivation d...

Hemp-oil based products: Effective alternatives to traditional medications

Realising the immense potential of this herb, a few companies have taken the lead in launching hemp-oil based products in India. ...

LPU scientists develop 100% natural fruit flavored chocolates with additional antioxidant properties

The innovative double fermentation process modifies cocoa bean’s flavor profile and enhances its antioxidant properties by as much as 40%. ...

Healthcare by Heartfulness - a Free-of-Charge Covid Medical Consultation App Launched - Marking the Global Wellness Day

During these trying circumstances, tele-medicine support will provide timely assistance, the right clinical consultation, and alleviate the challenges...

COVID-19 Encounter - An opportunity to revisit, rebuild and reinstate oneself

Lessons I got to learn unveiled a new me, whereof RT PCR report came negative but rest every bit was laden with optimism. ...

Screen time boosting the business of eyecare

Our eyes are very sensitive and during this pandemic a lot of children have had to start wearing spectacles due to the weakening of eyesight by too mu...

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