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How To Put Your Mental Health First This Year

Through asanas and pranayama, we can keep the body healthy and in good shape. When the body is devoid of disease, illness or limitations, then the mind is freed of this burden and given a chance for better health itself.

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Tackling Phobias

An intense irrational fear that causes a reaction to a particular situation, living creature, place, or object that usually poses little or no actual danger is a phobia

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Sleep Disorders and Stroke

Snoring occurs when air being inhaled and exhaled through a crowded airway creates noise as a result of friction. For some people, snoring is soft and infrequent, but for many, it’s very loud and constant suggesting a high degree of resistance in the upper airways.

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BET : A new modality in healing Depression

We need to understand that depression is a condition in which you don’t control your thoughts, but your thoughts start to control you. It’s like being in a deep dark well or a deep dark tunnel with no light at the end.

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The benefit of having a pet for Human Health

The zest and energy that they possess is contagious and will keep you intact for the long run. On the other hand, our feline friends are serious snoozers! Some studies claim that taking a power nap in the afternoon is a powerhouse to boost your mental and cognitive abilities.

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Social Media Detox: The First Resolution To Tick Off This 2020

The New Year marks a new start. Indeed, the beginning of a new calendar year is a great opportunity for us to incorporate healthy changes in our lives. A top priority on list today for all of us is a social media detox!

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How Zumba can help people overcome anxiety, PTSD and depression

There is now a growing realization that we need to take care of our mind as much as our body.

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Preventing Teen Suicide: Be Alert to the Warning Signs

Suicide is a significant public health issue. The World Health Organization estimates that close to 800 000 people die by suicide every year and for each suicide, there are more than 20 suicide attempts. Suicides occurs throughout the lifespan and in all regions of the world. Notably, among young pe

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Loneliness – A public health crisis among the aged

Being a psychiatrist it really pains me to have encountered such cases amongst the ageing population who are facing social isolation and becoming increasingly disconnected from society in general.

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Balancing The Material & The Spiritual Worlds - In conversation with Joseph Rodarick Law

Joseph Rodarick Law is an entrepreneur, investor, bestselling author, speaker and philanthropist. He is the Chairman and CEO of J Rodarick Corporation, a consulting and corporate advisory firm serving private and public companies across many countries. He is also the author of ‘Authentic Power and G

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How Our Bodies React to Various Diet Forms

Different people are likely to have different responses to the same diet because of the interplay between genetic makeup, environmental factors and li...

Supportive and Palliative Care for Adults with Cancer

The goal of palliative care is not only to prevent or treat the symptoms and side effects of the disease and its treatment, but also related psycholog...

Does Fiber Play A Role Preventing Colon Cancer

Several possible mechanisms may be considered by which the link between fiber and prevention of colorectal cancer can be explained. ...

Brand Marketing Trends 2020 forecast for Organic Food Industry

A noteworthy trend that is being observed is a gradual emergence of organic food as an essential part of the daily diet among the upper class populati...

Review: The Game Changers – Netflix

Experts have suggested that carbon footprint can be reduced by eliminating or reducing meat consumption. While it definitely seems that plant-based di...


After 6 months and 3 phases of the campaign, Faber-Castell India is gearing up for the finale of this season ...

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