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In conversation with Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Pee Safe

By the morning of March 3, 2020, there were 40,000 orders on our own website and another 50,000 came in from Amazon.

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In conversation with Shekhar Rawtani, CEO & Founder of Prescrip

With the smart prescription feature doctors can create prescriptions in a few steps without having to write the same drugs repeatedly and have automated generic names of the drugs mentioned along with the brand names.

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In conversation with Benjamin Blasco, Co-Founder - Petit Bambou

Petit BamBou, the leading freemium, non-religious, mindfulness app in Europe that helps people cultivate a healthy habit for their mental well-being, is now available in India.

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Caffeine is the active natural stimulant that’s in our tea, coffee, colas and even energy drinks. However, like all other things, there is a good, bad and ugly for coffee too.

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New Trends in Healthcare Industry in 2021

We cannot deny the role of digital media to keep the world united even during the pandemic when we all were trapped inside our homes.

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Link between stress and food

Anyone reading this can either learn or prepare themselves for the inevitable.

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Medical breakthroughs aiding the management of Mitral Regurgitation

Patients with mild symptoms might not need any treatment at all and regular check-ups and a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in keeping the heart working well.

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47% Drop in Women Cancer Screening Due to COVID Fear, only 25% women are aware of the disease and preventive care measures: Doctors

Most of the gynaecological cancers, such as cervical cancer, are preventable with awareness about symptoms and timely diagnosis including routine screening.

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Analyzing how the 7.6 billion humans on earth can get the Covid vaccine

Any vaccine, especially the Covid vaccine, needs to undergo rigorous testing, considering that it is likely to be administered to every human on earth.

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ISKCON Dwarka Gets Helping Hand of India Inc. for constructing Centre for Permanent Happiness

This centre is a form of philanthropic public projects that empowers the needy and helps in community in getting nutrition for body and mind.

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Building a fairer, healthier world

World over, health inequalities stand out stark and there is realization that, even today, the world is indeed unfair....

All you need to know about colorectal cancer

Consumption of tobacco, alcohol, a diet high in processed meat &low in fiber, obesity, and low physical activity are common causes of Colon Cancers....

Erectile Dysfunction

ED is a medical disorder and can be managed, but, the first step is to come out in the open and talk about the condition with your doctor....

In conversation with Prarna Arora, Founder of Vedic Vitals

We can hold poor dietary habits, an unhealthy lifestyle, and harmful societal standards responsible for this intolerance and impatience that is so com...

What is Nicotine withdrawal and how to manage it!

The road to beating nicotine. When you smoke or chew tobacco, nicotine enters your bloodstream through the inner linings of your nose, mouth and lungs...

5 Tips On How Women Can Combat Stress And Adversity

Here are the 5 tips for the women of today, that can help them cope better with stress and adversity, and gain control of their lives. ...

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