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No Barriers Should Stand In The Way Of Equitable Vaccine Access

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been working to address the barriers standing in the way of COVID-19 vaccine supply.

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6 Feet Distance May Not Be Adequate?

Experts unanimously agreed that the exponential increase in the current virus load continues to overwhelm the medical fraternity, infrastructure and frontline workers in a webinar on 'best practices and strategies for handling COVID-19'.

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GiveIndia Relaunches India COVID Response Fund To Address Deepening Health Crisis

The funds will go towards setting up oxygen generation plants in hospitals and COVID care centres.

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Human Milk Derived Products For Newborns

Such products are helpful in ensuring that the baby remains on an exclusive human milk diet.

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Visionet To Bear Entire COVID-19 Vaccination Cost For Employees

The vaccination drive will be voluntary for employees and their immediate families, who can avail it in major cities.

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Zyter Introduces ZyterHome Assist For Provider Practices And Patients

ZyterHome currently supports the BodyTrace Blood Pressure Monitor, the Smart Meter iGlucose Blood Glucose Monitor and the BodyTrace Weighing Scale, with more devices to be added in the coming months.

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Wells Fargo Responds To India COVID Crisis

The company grants $3 million for health care and emergency response.

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Ujala Cygnus Hospitals Servicing People In Tier 2 & Tier 3 Cities Of North India

In Delhi, COVID-19 cases are on an all-time high and with a growing number of positive cases, there is a dire need for newer facilities.

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HealthifyMe Launches Website To Help Users Find Vaccination Slots

The platform also provides instant WhatsApp and email notifications when slots open up.

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Online Fitness Challenges To Participate From Home And Win Prizes

Here are some of these interesting fitness challenges to help with your fitness journey from the comfort of your home.

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Global Wellness Day - A holistic approach to Wellness

On the occasion of Global Wellness day on the 12th of June, we talk to various experts of their respective fields, who give us advice and motivation d...

Hemp-oil based products: Effective alternatives to traditional medications

Realising the immense potential of this herb, a few companies have taken the lead in launching hemp-oil based products in India. ...

LPU scientists develop 100% natural fruit flavored chocolates with additional antioxidant properties

The innovative double fermentation process modifies cocoa bean’s flavor profile and enhances its antioxidant properties by as much as 40%. ...

Healthcare by Heartfulness - a Free-of-Charge Covid Medical Consultation App Launched - Marking the Global Wellness Day

During these trying circumstances, tele-medicine support will provide timely assistance, the right clinical consultation, and alleviate the challenges...

COVID-19 Encounter - An opportunity to revisit, rebuild and reinstate oneself

Lessons I got to learn unveiled a new me, whereof RT PCR report came negative but rest every bit was laden with optimism. ...

Screen time boosting the business of eyecare

Our eyes are very sensitive and during this pandemic a lot of children have had to start wearing spectacles due to the weakening of eyesight by too mu...

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