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Does Fiber Play A Role Preventing Colon Cancer

Several possible mechanisms may be considered by which the link between fiber and prevention of colorectal cancer can be explained.

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Brand Marketing Trends 2020 forecast for Organic Food Industry

A noteworthy trend that is being observed is a gradual emergence of organic food as an essential part of the daily diet among the upper class population in India.

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Review: The Game Changers – Netflix

Experts have suggested that carbon footprint can be reduced by eliminating or reducing meat consumption. While it definitely seems that plant-based diets are beneficial to the climate, the question is, would they lead to nutritional deficiencies?

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How important are Gut Microbes for the body

Our microbiome is the collection of all the microbes associated with our body. In our gut alone we have around 100 trillion microbes, which is the same number of cells we have in our entire body.

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Smart vaccination scheduling, reminder and monitoring tool- Immunifyme

ImmunifyMe is one of the only companies in the field of early childhood healthcare, they provide innovative technology solution and services to children and their caregivers.

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What Are Stem Cells And How Are They Used In Therapy?

Stem cells are the type of cells in the body which are naturally present in various body niches. They stay in an inactive form and have a unique ability to divide and develop into many other cell types of the body.

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Fruit-infused Detox Water

One of the smallest things you can do to kick off your heathy new year and rejuvenated exercise regime is employing the use of fruit water. An instant detoxifier, fruit water is the magic potion for everyone who has resolutely decided to lose weight.

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The best and worst health and wellness fads in India during the past decade

Some people are drawn to unconventional health treatments for legitimate reasons, like feeling disbelieved by doctors or lacking access to affordable healthcare, for example. But the problem is, when so many people get on board with a specific trend, we often end up trusting it as gospel.

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Veganism: A Win-win Trend

Veganism can be defined as a lifestyle which removes all animal products from a person’s life. Hence, it is strictly against the exploitation of animals. Whether it comes to food habits, vegans avoid meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, honey and a large number of other products containing animal-deriv

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Movement for Fitness

Everything that requires physical effort is recognized by the body as exercise and will therefore be beneficial and give you results. The interesting thing is that you do not have to take time out specially instead you can exercise anywhere, anytime, without disrupting your daily routine and also ge

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Conducive approaches to stress in today’s fast paced work environment

Hardly anyone is prepared for the avalanche of asks, demands, responsibilities, and the pain of not being able to juggle it all ...

Mindfulness - Finding Peace

When you stay connected to the present moment without drifting either into the future or float into the memories of your past, then you are successful...

Novel Corona Virus

No country was prepared for the corona virus. A completely new strain of the virus, the ‘novel’ corona virus has no known cure. ...

In conversation with Sonam Khurana (Founder of - a portal dedicated to blood donation as an important cause

The whole idea is to create an easy, trustworthy and a reliable network of donors, as well as to grow together with hospitals, blood-banks, and suppor...

Evolution in cardiac care: what has changed in the last decade

It is now possible to make a small incision through which surgeons use a camera to view the heart and understand where the problem lies -- robotic sur...

The Texas Medical Concierge - In conversation with Aanchal Bhatia (President)

We have tied up with major credit card companies, insurance providers, wealth management firms. So, by the end of this year, there would be substantia...

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