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Well-being, Calming and Mindfulness Skills

Yoga is an ancient tradition which teaches us lessons on mindful living. Through the practice of asanas, pranayama, and meditation etc. yoga and spirituality helps us to remain in the present moment, and prepares us to take whatever life throws at us one step at a time

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Mindfulness and well-being for women – Habits for wellness

Women are those divine beings that unflinchingly put others above themselves. Right from their physical anatomy to their psychological makeup, they are designed to care for others

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Dos and Donts for Asthma Patients

Better fitness leads to improved aerobic capacity which indicates fitness of lungs

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Novel Corona Virus

No country was prepared for the corona virus. A completely new strain of the virus, the ‘novel’ corona virus has no known cure.

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Evolution in cardiac care: what has changed in the last decade

It is now possible to make a small incision through which surgeons use a camera to view the heart and understand where the problem lies -- robotic surgical tools allow for greater precision in treatment.

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The Texas Medical Concierge - In conversation with Aanchal Bhatia (President)

We have tied up with major credit card companies, insurance providers, wealth management firms. So, by the end of this year, there would be substantial market penetration in this new category of healthcare : Aanchal Bhatia

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Five cervical cancer facts that you did not know

In most cases, this cancer takes time to spread, so it is advisable to go for regular PAP screen tests to arrest this. PAP screening test helps to diagnose the precancerous cells that may exist in the body

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Make these Lifestyle changes to avoid Cervical Cancer

An assessment says that cervical cancer will target roughly 1 out of 53 Indian women during their lifetime while it will be 1 in 100 women in developed countries of the world.

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Radiation Treatment and Cancer Cure

Radiation therapy uses various forms of radiation to safely and effectively treat cancer and some other diseases

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Ten risk factors of skin cancer

Basal cell cancer is most common type of skin cancer followed by squamous cell cancer followed by melanoma.

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Fear Of Missing Out

In our zeal to achieve external perfection, we miss giving significance to our inner self. ...

Mindfulness tips to cope with Coronavirus

It is important that we apply the practice of mindfulness to our daily lives, to actively shape, and guide our evolution ...

Increasing the participation of women in the workforce: Role of quality childcare

At the household level, women’s role as unpaid caregiver, is reinforced by families and internalised by women themselves ...

Coronavirus: Mantra & Meditation to strengthen your immunity

Modern neuroscience is now beginning to discover the relationship between the way mantras are chanted and the impact on the functioning of the mind ...


We human beings are unaware masters at the art of distraction ...

How do you maintain social distancing without feeling depressed?

A collapse in social contact is experienced as a ‘physical state of emergency’ in humans...

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