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Emerging Concern Among Young People With COVID-19: Preventing Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The observed pattern reveals that 50 percent of heart patients first get a heart attack and 50 percent experience severe chest pain followed by a heart attack

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Sports Nutrition Brand 'Myprotein' Launches Range Of New Products

The Gooey Filled Cookie, Sugar-Free Sauce, 6 layered Protein Bar and the Impact Whey Protein - Masala Chai Flavour are the new additions to their range.

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University Of Dundee Sports Union Led An Initiative To Inspire Hundreds To Donate Blood

The campaign was facilitated through a partnership with the Scottish charity Give Blood 4 Good (GB4G).

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We The Future Raises $50 K In Fundraiser #United4India

The fund is dispersed via pledge to the vetted NGOs including GiveIndia, Oxygen for India, Chopra Foundation, Desai Foundation, UNICEF and SeeSchool, using charity navigators and trusted sources on the ground.

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GE Foundation Grants Help Communities In India Combat COVID-19

“We believe that this grant will bring timely medical care to critically affected COVID-19 patients in India,” Mahesh Palashikar, President and CEO, GE South Asia.

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AG&P Pratham Oxygen Express: First Of Two 32-tonne Liquid Medical Oxygen Cryogenic Tankers Arrives In Delhi

Four more AG&P Pratham Oxygen Express tankers scheduled for the states of Rajasthan, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

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Online Gaming Platforms - An Effective Tool For Children During COVID-19

Children, Pandemic and Mental Health : It’s not just about survival, but about remaining happy healthy and well adjusted

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Brookfield Properties Initiates Vaccination Drive Across All Campuses

The company is arranging the vaccination through esteemed health partners and partnerships with government bodies.

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Ashwath Narayan Launches Breathe India Initiative By COVID India Campaign

Harsha Krishna, President of Aviratha Bharatha said, “We are working very closely with the local administration to get timely help as soon as possible."

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[24] Rolls Out Initiatives To Help Its Employees During COVID-19 Pandemic

The company has also undertaken several initiatives for the community such as food, essentials and stationery donations and distributing safety masks to the needy.

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Global Wellness Day - A holistic approach to Wellness

On the occasion of Global Wellness day on the 12th of June, we talk to various experts of their respective fields, who give us advice and motivation d...

Hemp-oil based products: Effective alternatives to traditional medications

Realising the immense potential of this herb, a few companies have taken the lead in launching hemp-oil based products in India. ...

LPU scientists develop 100% natural fruit flavored chocolates with additional antioxidant properties

The innovative double fermentation process modifies cocoa bean’s flavor profile and enhances its antioxidant properties by as much as 40%. ...

Healthcare by Heartfulness - a Free-of-Charge Covid Medical Consultation App Launched - Marking the Global Wellness Day

During these trying circumstances, tele-medicine support will provide timely assistance, the right clinical consultation, and alleviate the challenges...

COVID-19 Encounter - An opportunity to revisit, rebuild and reinstate oneself

Lessons I got to learn unveiled a new me, whereof RT PCR report came negative but rest every bit was laden with optimism. ...

Screen time boosting the business of eyecare

Our eyes are very sensitive and during this pandemic a lot of children have had to start wearing spectacles due to the weakening of eyesight by too mu...

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