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Is Yoga Helping Covid Patients Improve Quickly? 5 Asanas You Can Try

A lot of people, recovering from COVID-19 have switched to yoga to regain both balance and strength

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What Is Aerial Yoga And What Are Its Benefits

Aerial Yoga allows you to hang on to the hammock with your upper body and then engage your core in order to move your lower body off the ground

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Recharge Yourself With Some Zzzz

Just like our electronics need to be re-charged, sleep recharges and resets the body, brain & gut for optimal functioning

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Skin Care Industry: The Major Gambit You Should Know

A brand should draw new innovative ideas from the market to create their own signature services that make their products special amongst the crowd.

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Plant-based Foods: A Key To Healthy You & Everything Around

A plant-based diet has been linked with a lot of health benefits like:

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Five Ways In The Beauty Brands Are Opting To Be Eco-friendly

Here are five ways the beauty industry is stepping up to become eco-friendly

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Effects Of Pollution On Skin; How To Prevent Damages

The exposure to pollution increases the degradation of our skin collagen and causes premature skin aging.

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All You Need To Know About Hair Transplantation

The primary question is if hair transplants are truly safe and effective. Is the impact of a hair transplant permanent? Will there be any unintended tissue changes as a result of the procedure?

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The Business Of Reversing Hair Loss! How Does Traya Fit Into The Wellness Landscape?

In conversation with BW Businessworld, Saloni Anand, the co-founder of Traya Health talks about her startup journey, myths and trends prevailing in the industry and the responses garnered from their customer base.

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Follow This Trendy Skin Rejuvenation Treatment - Diamond Glow Or SilkPeel For Your Glowing Skin

Silk Peel uses a delicate vacuum that exfoliates the outer layer of skin whereas the pores gap at identical times

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Meet The Brand That Is Reimagining The Mighty Jackfruit: ‘Eat With Better’

This is a plant-based food brand offering a variety of jackfruit-based recipe ...

In Conversation With Sanjaya Mariwala

Sanjaya Mariwala is the Founder president of the Association of Herbal and Nutraceuticals Manufacturers of India and Executive Chairman and Managing D...

Safe Menstrual Disposal - The Importance Of The Right Way

Pads and tampons should not be thrown in the trash unless they have been properly wrapped or sealed in a bag to prevent leakage...

Flu Cases Peak Amid Monsoon Season – Pediatrician Urges Flu Vaccine For All School Going Kids

Experts predict we may be in for a difficult year when it comes to the flu...

In Conversation With Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar

Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar is an astrologer and Vastu consultant...

Balancing The Line Between Work And Home Through Yoga

Yoga is thought to be the most effective therapy for achieving balance...

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