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Binge-Watching Increases the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

A Lack of Physical Activity Will Directly cause a Heart-related Ailment

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World Heart Day: Heart Attack vs Cardiac Arrest: How are they different?

Two of the most common conditions that are reported commonly include Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack. While most of the people use both the terms interchangeably, it must be noted that both are starkly different conditions.

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Yoga for Heart Attack Recovery By Celebrity Yoga Instructor Grand Master Akshar

Yoga recommends a gentle regular practice of salutations such as Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar.

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Yoga as a Career and Entrepreneurship

Yoga is a treasure in a time capsule that opens up to give us the science of human existence.

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10 benefits of Classical Pilates by Kavita Prakash

A holistic approach that sets Pilates apart from many other forms of exercise.

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Exercise vs Diet: Your key to weight loss

In general, weight is affected by physical activity level and calorie intake.

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How Air Pollution Affects the Cognitive Abilities and Productivity of Employees

Professionals today working out of high-rise glass-fronted office buildings are easily lulled into thinking that the rarified environs of their workplace are pollution-free – unaware that many of them could well be breathing dangerous air.

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In The Spirit Of Fit India, Fitternity Launches Easy Access Initiative One Pass

One of the key challenges is effectiveness, and Fitternit has launched One Pass as a solution to this pressing challenge.

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The Answer to Micronutrient Deficiency in India

An important objective of Mission Fortification is to increase consumer awareness about the benefits and availability of fortified foods.

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Hamdard launches Hamdard Bonanza App to promote Unani amongst AYUSH Practitioners

The event also lauded the hard work of its devoted employees from sales, marketing and support functions for executing the Hamdard Bonanza and ensuring quality service to the consumers at all times.

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Know Your Defence Mechanisms To Change Them!

Yes, you are using these mechanisms almost each day. Yes, you are unaware of their usage. Yes, you should now become aware of them. ...

Freedom From Fear Deep Breathing: A bridge between Life and Death

The moral of the story is that the fear is not more than six inches deep. If we could find a way to look within ourselves, it is not more than two inc...

Your One-Stop Guide to the Four Kinds of Parenting Styles!

Have you ever wondered what kind of a parent are you? Let's find out!...

Digging Deeper into Sartre's Existentialism!

Sartre’s existentialism encourages people to acknowledge their freedom, cherish it and make the best use of it!...

8 Ways To Spend The World Mental Health Day With Yourself!

On this World Mental Health Day, take some positive steps towards your mental health and reset your mind for the better, using these tips!...

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