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Sunanda Lahiri Kashyap is the Founder of the social initiative Nahi Means No and the Owner/ Designer of the luxury stationery brand Crazymee Bespoke Stationery.

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The Philosophy Of Positivity And Change

With age, we come to realize that morality, right, wrong, good and bad are indefinite perceptions. Societal norms, social constructs and rules may just be contrived to serve other purposes. Man or woman, we all possess both extremities of positive and negative traits. Power wins and truth at times may never see the light of justice. To add to further confusion, we now have allegations against godmen (let’s kill a little faith) and leaders (there go our inspirations).

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Toxic Masculinity - Where Do We Go From Here?

The last few months have seen the term ‘toxic masculinity’ coming to the forefront. Rather than addressing the issue head-on, heated debates continue to rage on whether the term is an unfair generalization of an entire male section of the population. So, NO, toxic masculinity is not a representation of the entire male population, but it is foolhardy to ignore that it exists and that too on a large scale.

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Exercise vs Diet: Your key to weight loss

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Maintaining Work-life Balance The Right Way

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Ma Anand Sheela: The Disciple's Journey and the Celebrity Status

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How to Manage Sadness at Work

Let's manage sadness positively at work, using these tips!...

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