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Praveshh Gaur

A management professional and entrepreneur driven by his passion for fitness, Gaur established Srauta Wellness with the aim of giving people a complete wellness package by bringing everything from a gym to naturopathy under one roof. With his enthusiasm and keen acumen towards fitness, he wanted to offer today’s youth something of a complete health and fitness zone.

Latest Articles By Praveshh Gaur


Need To Focus On Mental Health And Wellness At Work For Corporate Well-Being

Remote work struggles, isolation, lack of social connection, fear of COVID-19 infection and loss of loved ones have been the greatest stressors of mental health issues among employees

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Don't let weight overburden you: Obesity, India's growing problem amongst the millennials

Unhealthy habits have made millennials prone to diseases related to cardiovascular problems, cancer, high cholesterol, strokes and so on. This creates a negative effect on your body and people who are overweight have a greater risk of developing serious conditions.

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Exercise Your Way Out of Depression

It is a well-known fact that people who indulge in regular physical activity of some sort are less prone to depression and other mental ailments.

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Making Cognitive Healthcare An Essential Part Of The Indian Corporate And Healthcare System

This can be done through ancient Indian therapies such as Yoga ...

Ways To Encourage Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental illness also affects the performance and productivity of the employee, which in turn affects the entire company's productivity...

Why Prioritizing Spiritual Wellbeing Is More Important Than Ever?

Our life-experiences and actions come from our circumstances and our responses to these circumstances at all levels - personal, family and global even...

Homeopathy - The Consolation From All Immunity-Based Endemics

As of July 2022, India reported its very first case of monkeypox in Kerala...

Middle Class Madness

I am a proud middleclass person and I have observed and read and researched about it for years...

Can Poor Physical Health Lead To Mental Illness In Adults?

Physical health and mental health are intrinsically intertwined...

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