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Noor Anand Chawla is Head Digital Content and Marketing for ShowCase Events. She contributes feature articles to various publications and writes on her blog She can be found on Instagram @nooranandchawla

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Why Skincare With A Personal Touch Is Essential For That Inner Glow

Relying on the safest, tried and tested formulations that contain no sulphates, parabens, colourants, phthalates, or GMOs, each of the products from this line is attractive for many reasons

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New-Age Schooling For The Overall Wellbeing Of Children

A post-pandemic learning scenario calls for a very different approach to education

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How The Energies Of Tarot Can Solve Life Problems

Tarot is a means to enlighten people, guide them and empower them to make informed decisions about their future

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Why Meditation Is The Answer To All Human Troubles

Launched in March 2022, the Sadhana App has already touched the lives of over three lakh people throughout the world

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Using Art As Therapy For Mental Wellbeing In Kandima Maldives

Maldives is an island nation located in Southern Asia, surrounded by the Indian Ocean

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How Sustainable Travel Can Contribute To One's Overall Well Being

If we are to work towards our overall wellbeing while still enjoying travel in all its glory, we must adopt principles of sustainable travel

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The Importance Of Using Natural And Sustainable Ingredients In Household Cleaning Items

Soon, KIKGERM will be launching their range of liquid detergents, including baby specific laundry products

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How Tattoos Help With The Grieving Process

One thing that helps people grieve the loss of loved ones by commemorating them in a permanent manner, is by dedicating tattoos on their bodies

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How Cleansing The Energy Of One's Home Can Get Rid Of Life's Problems

There are a number of reasons why your personal spaces could be in need of energy cleansing

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How Clairvoyance Can Help You Heal

Dr Taara Malhotra, having practised spiritual modalities for over 13 years, refers to her psychic and clairvoyant abilities as a ‘gift’.

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Maximising Your General Insurance Benefits for Optimal Wellness

General insurance provides a blanket of financial protection from the uncertain risks posed by medical emergencies, diseases, accidents, and more...

Nutraceuticals Has Evolved From Traditional Background To Scientific Field: Veera Health CEO

Shashwata Narain, CEO and Co-founder of Veera Health in conversation with BW Wellbeing said that nutraceuticals is backed by evidence and researches...

How Personalised Lifestyle Management Solutions Are Transforming Lives

Recent research has unravelled that epigenetic changes are often heritable, which means that the positive changes you take before you become a parent ...

Olympian Wrestler Geeta Phogat Inaugurates Contoura Vision At ICARE Eye Hospital

Contoura Vision, approved by US FDA as the safest eye surgery available today, is the latest advancement in specs removal by laser vision correction...

Grand Slam Fitness Collaborates With Italian Brand Techno Body

The highlighted products such as Homing, Speed Up SCX Limitless, D-Wall H-Sport, etc have specialised technology that makes it easier for their users ...

Artemis Hospital Successfully Performs MitraClip Procedure On 79-year Old Patient

The MitraClip procedure was successfully performed by a team of highly skilled and experienced cardiac surgeons, led by Dr Amit Kumar Chaurasia, Chief...

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