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Nmami Agarwal is the founder & CEO of NmamiLife. Nmami Agarwal believes in the diet as a part of one’s entire lifestyle and not just one attribute that can be measured through a meagre weighing scale.

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Women Entrepreneurs Can Create Better & Successful Brands

The mind which is full of ideas, innovation and has the ability to find solutions to a number of problems can be a successful entrepreneur. However, only 13.76 per cent of the total entrepreneurs in India are women, according to data by Startup India. Though it a small number and women may not always be in limelight even when successful and even when they juggle with both house and work women still continue to be the change-makers. Most of the entrepreneurs are successful because they develop an idea around society, people and their problems.

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Why Crying Is Good For You

Letting a tear or two roll down isn’t so bad. Let’s see why!...

How To Be Sensitive Towards The Struggles Of A Person With Mental Illness (Part 1)

Sensitivity towards mental illnesses and those with it is something we must work towards in our everyday lives, starting with our day-to-day conversat...

Why Thinking About Everything Isn't Always The Best Idea!

Running your mind 24x7 isn't always the best thing for you. Let's see how!...

10 Sayings By Guru Nanak Dev Ji That'll Help You Navigate Through Life

Here are some powerful sayings from Guru Nanak Dev Ji that’ll help you navigate the rough tides of life. ...

Sr Citizens Living Second-Innings To The Fullest

From being left alone at old age to living a lonely life trapped inside the walls of their homes, senior citizens indeed face a lot and to increase th...

Deepak Chopra & Friends Announce Movement For Mental Wellbeing & Suicide Prevention #Never Alone

Deepak Chopra partners with social entrepreneur Poonacha Machaiah, actress and humanitarian, Gabriella Wright, and director Michel Pascal to raise awa...

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