Nikhil Kapur

Nikhil Kapur is the Founder Director of Atmantan Wellness Resort, an integrated wellness destination spa. Atmantan has bagged a lot of recognition and has introduced new retreats every year with the creative and innovative thinking of Nikhil along with his team of wellness coaches.

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Social Media Detox: The First Resolution To Tick Off This 2020

The New Year marks a new start. Indeed, the beginning of a new calendar year is a great opportunity for us to incorporate healthy changes in our lives. A top priority on list today for all of us is a social media detox!

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Fear Of Missing Out

In our zeal to achieve external perfection, we miss giving significance to our inner self. ...

Mindfulness tips to cope with Coronavirus

It is important that we apply the practice of mindfulness to our daily lives, to actively shape, and guide our evolution ...

Increasing the participation of women in the workforce: Role of quality childcare

At the household level, women’s role as unpaid caregiver, is reinforced by families and internalised by women themselves ...

Coronavirus: Mantra & Meditation to strengthen your immunity

Modern neuroscience is now beginning to discover the relationship between the way mantras are chanted and the impact on the functioning of the mind ...


We human beings are unaware masters at the art of distraction ...

How do you maintain social distancing without feeling depressed?

A collapse in social contact is experienced as a ‘physical state of emergency’ in humans...

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