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Acknowledging is the beginning

When traditional yoga has been branched out in so many lineages, the "mind" aspect of the science remains as it is

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Traditional yoga vs modern yoga

Today millions of people practice yoga, across the globe. This is really overwhelming, because this popularity is very recent

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How to overcome teenage suicide attempts?

Depression leading to suicide is the second leading cause of death in young adolescents and youth. We must take some of the measures that we must take...

Insights on Covid-19.

The numbers in Mumbai are improving. In some areas of Mumbai, the doubling rate is above 45 days. Mumbai's curve is plateauing. In neighboring distric...

Community Transmission of Covid-19: Things to Keep In Mind

Although there has been no official record of community transmission yet, it is essential for us to be aware of it, how it can take place and the ways...

COVID 19: The psychological battle

Humanity is being tested as never before, but is also rising to the challenges of the present and future — the environment, technological disruption...

3 Simple Mind Gym Rules You Need To Know

Access to knowledge and the will to learn is the first step but what one needs to add is these three steps to the regime. ...

Maintaining Sound Mental Health, Now And In The future

A sound and healthy mind over a period of time will lead to natural success and potential happiness. ...

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