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Mukul Nagpaul is a Fat loss Specialist, have finished IRONMAN Malaysia in 2018 and is training for IRONMAN South Korea in September 2019

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Are You Flexible With Your Diet ?

Why do most of the people fail with their weight loss? It’s easy to feel motivated and go on a strict diet to lose weight but everyone knows the end result, you gain almost all the weight you lost. Have you ever asked yourself why does this happen? I have seen people doing this over and over again for a number of years and at the end lose motivation to lose weight only.

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Celery Juice – Is It A Miracle ?

Health and Fitness also gets their shares of fads, sometime ago it was Quinoa then Kale and now Celery Juice.

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10 Golden Rules Of Training For An IRONMAN Triathlon

IRONMAN Triathlon is the toughest one-day endurance race in the World which consists of 3.8kms swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.2 km running to be finished in under 17 hours and for some Race Courses even 16.5 hours. The finisher of the race gets the title of an IRONMAN , which can be implied by the toughness of the race.

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Tips to handle mental wellbeing for lactating moms, especially during a pandemic

We already know that there are changes in the hormones during this phase. This happens automatically without us consciously having to tell our body to...

How breastfeeding helps to increase immunity in pandemic situation?

We are realising importance of immunity during this pandemic more than even before. Here, we tell you why breastfeeding is the need of the hour during...

Mental health matters: Why counselling is important?

If treating physical injuries is normalised, why not extend the same courtesy to mental, emotional ones?...

Golden Hour Breastfeed: A magical start for the newborns

Mother’s milk has excellent nutritious value with right balance of lactose, protein and fats and it’s easy to digest and prevent stomach-ache. ...

Abortion Is Legal, Make It Accessible

One in four pregnancies in India is unwanted leading to 1.5 crore abortions every year. Almost five decades ago, on this day, abortion was made legal ...

Recreation – Therapeutical And Fun!

Recreational therapy is recognized as hugely beneficial for behaviour modification, motivation, sensory stimulation, anger management and substance ab...

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