Inderpreet Kambo

Inderpreet Kambo is an Associate Principal in CRA’s US office. Having led many healthcare and lifescience strategy projects with focus on market assessment, policy and litigation, business intelligence and patient engagement, he is widely acknowledged and known for his vision on AI, data and how it could help diagnose/ cure patients.

Latest Articles By Inderpreet Kambo


How has COVID-19 Accelerated the Need for Effective Physician Outreach?

The pandemic has brought many changes to the healthcare ecosystem - from a ubiquitous adoption of virtual care to creating alternate ways to market to physicians.

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Developing countries’ customized approach in navigating through the COVID challenges

Consumers in the developing countries are becoming comfortable with the use of digital activities across all categories of daily operations- from delivery to at-home entertainment to education to health and fitness

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Building a fairer, healthier world

World over, health inequalities stand out stark and there is realization that, even today, the world is indeed unfair....

All you need to know about colorectal cancer

Consumption of tobacco, alcohol, a diet high in processed meat &low in fiber, obesity, and low physical activity are common causes of Colon Cancers....

Erectile Dysfunction

ED is a medical disorder and can be managed, but, the first step is to come out in the open and talk about the condition with your doctor....

In conversation with Prarna Arora, Founder of Vedic Vitals

We can hold poor dietary habits, an unhealthy lifestyle, and harmful societal standards responsible for this intolerance and impatience that is so com...

What is Nicotine withdrawal and how to manage it!

The road to beating nicotine. When you smoke or chew tobacco, nicotine enters your bloodstream through the inner linings of your nose, mouth and lungs...

5 Tips On How Women Can Combat Stress And Adversity

Here are the 5 tips for the women of today, that can help them cope better with stress and adversity, and gain control of their lives. ...

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