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The Art Of Time Compression

What would you do if you could live healthily for 120 years?

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Converting Innate Potential into Real Superior Capabilities

“Who you are is not written on stone.” - Antano Solar John

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Awakening the Artist to get the Genius in Action

Pushing your bar of excellence in any art form will play back into your business and relationships, simply because you have access to wider choices of altered states

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Making Cognitive Healthcare An Essential Part Of The Indian Corporate And Healthcare System

This can be done through ancient Indian therapies such as Yoga ...

Ways To Encourage Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental illness also affects the performance and productivity of the employee, which in turn affects the entire company's productivity...

Why Prioritizing Spiritual Wellbeing Is More Important Than Ever?

Our life-experiences and actions come from our circumstances and our responses to these circumstances at all levels - personal, family and global even...

Homeopathy - The Consolation From All Immunity-Based Endemics

As of July 2022, India reported its very first case of monkeypox in Kerala...

Middle Class Madness

I am a proud middleclass person and I have observed and read and researched about it for years...

Can Poor Physical Health Lead To Mental Illness In Adults?

Physical health and mental health are intrinsically intertwined...

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