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Dr Siddhant Bhargava: co-founder and nutritionist, Food Darzee - a health and nutrition company

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Focus On The Future Of Your Health

The 20s is a carefree decade and yet an introspective one. This means it must come with some kind of balance. You have just set out on the path of self-discovery, maybe starting a career or forming a romantic alliance. Money isn’t such a big worry yet. And health? Well, it all seems good so far. Who has the time to think about long-term health? Right?

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Finding Balance With Mindfulness - How Balanced Eating May Aid During Festivals

It is important to keep a check, especially during the festive season on what we are having by eating smart and balancing it out

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National Strategy, Roadmap Built To Spur Medical Tourism, Says Govt

According to the Ministry of Tourism, the strategy has identified several pillars including developing a brand for India as a wellness destination, st...

Doctors Protest Against 'Right To Health Bill' In Rajasthan

As the bill is set to be discussed in the Assembly, it received backlash from the doctors running private clinics. They claim it will increase "bureau...

India Aims To Launch A Global Initiative On Digital Health: Mandaviya

The global initiative aims to converge the global efforts for digital health and scale up digital solutions with use of cutting-edge technologies...

ART Fertility Clinics Collaborates With NDTV To Tackle Infertility Taboos

The campaign comprises the Introduction Show, the Expert Show, and the Roundtable Show, all of which will be available in both Hindi and English...

Science Behind Yoga Benefits On Overall Health

Yoga treats conditions like eating disorders and addictions as well as lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular con...

Agribid Partners With Mahadevasth Tech For Mental Health Awareness Among Farmers

Mental health issues have compounding effects of the following: crop failure; indebtedness; lack of social support; frequent disruptions in income; na...

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