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Dr Prakriti Poddar, expert in Mental Health, HR, Corporate and Education upliftment, Director Poddar Wellness Ltd., Managing Trustee of the Poddar Foundation. The author is a Mental Health Expert, since 1999 she began her journey working in the wellness space. She started her own wellness centre, Mind Over Image, in 2001. Since then the centre exclusively works towards mental well-being with the help of trained counselors and cutting edge technology.

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Evoking the Subconscious to Heal the Mind: How Hypnotherapy helps Overcome Hidden Mental Stress

Hypnotherapy is perhaps one of the most misunderstood subjects associated with psychology.

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Government Fails To Recognise Mental Health

Early in the morning, as I was scrolling through my phone, the screen read ‘Budget for the people’ in bold. It was New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern’s instagram post on how proud she was about passing a Budget that allocated the largest proportion, a whopping 1.9 billion dollars, towards mental healthcare. She said “We did something big that will make a difference” and I couldn’t agree any more.

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Epidemic Of Our Country’s Youth Suicide

"If me committing suicide is too far fetched for you to grasp, just convince yourself that I was murdered, for who said I wasn’t?" This is an excerpt from the suicide note written by a Grade 10 student studying in Kolkata.

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Always Be In Tune With Your Body

In my years of practice as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine that spans nearly two decades, I have truly come to believe in the power of the mind-body-spirit connect. Our minds determine how healthy our bodies are and conversely, how we treat our bodies impacts our mental state. And yoga has been integral to maintaining a healthy connection among the three; not just in my personal life but also in the lives of my clients.

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Toxic Masculinity - “Boys will be boys, Real men don’t cry, Man up”

Casual phrases thrown around in conversation restrict a whole gender in their ability to express. Expression is the first antidote to mental health issues. It is when we can be open about what we feel and how we feel it, can we actually work towards setting practical measures to move from our challenges towards success.

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Menstruation Is Normal…Period!

The dearth of knowledge about menstrual sanitation leads to a culture of constraints and taboos. Poor water, sanitation and hygiene amenities in schools, inadequate sex education and lack of hygiene cause girls to understand and perceive menstruation as shameful and uncomfortable. Research advocates girls’ dread and embarrassment from leaking of blood and body odour, preventing them from seeking help and enforce restrictions on their nutrition, lifestyle and activities when menstruating.

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Let’s Stop The Lying Epidemic

It is said that human beings are predisposed to lying. We tell at least 3 lies a day and are being lied to at least 10 to 200 times a day, depending on the number of people that you interact with.

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Intimate Partner Violence: Why Don’t Women Leave Violent Partners?

The cause of harmony and fulfilling partnership is what every couple strives for- it falls under the clause of basic human needs that makes life more cherishable. Yet, violence amongst partner is prevalent among most cases, with heartbreaking accounts of intimate partner violence (IPV), leading to worst-case scenarios such as death.

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Mother Child Equation - Its All About The Quality

In a society where mothers are made to feel guilty about trying to balance work and life, they can’t help but wonder about the time-lost with their child when they are at work. Mother’s feel like they need to sacrifice one for the other. However, that is not always the case.

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The Loneliness Epidemic

For a country with a population of 1.3 billion and growing, India is currently facing a loneliness epidemic and this epidemic is with no discrimination. The epidemic spans across all age groups, especially with the growing technology and social media platforms. With joint families now disintegrating and people trying to keep up to the fast-paced lives, a once collectivistic society is rapidly turning into an individualistic one.

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