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Anand Subra

Anand Subra, Ph. D., Chief Knowledge Officer, PurpleTeal, Inc., is a co-founder of PurpleTeal and is responsible for new product development as well as providing knowledge support for strategy, marketing and delivery initiatives.

Latest Articles By Anand Subra


Exercise vs Diet: Your key to weight loss

In general, weight is affected by physical activity level and calorie intake.

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Should We Revert To Eating The Way Our Ancestors Did?

Yes and No.. We should look at the lifestyle of our ancestors and how food fit into it: they ate a lot of food but were also physically very active; they needed the energy to sustain the activity. Their food intake and activity levels were better balanced, so they did not put on a lot of weight and had fewer health problems. Today, we are not that active, but eat a lot more food than we should. They also ate a limited variety of mostly locally-sourced fresh foods; today, we have access to a huge variety of foods with a much larger nutritional footprint. We should emulate some things they did and discard others.

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Beautify Yourself With Goodness Of New Curable Makeup Range

Shahnaz Husain Group of Companies has launched its latest collective festive campaign of Curable Makeup range....

Importance Of Physical And Mental Well-being Of Teachers And Students

Let us look at some of the crucial aspects that can guide us about focusing on the overall well-being of our teachers and students....

Know Your Defence Mechanisms To Change Them!

Yes, you are using these mechanisms almost each day. Yes, you are unaware of their usage. Yes, you should now become aware of them. ...

Freedom From Fear Deep Breathing: A bridge between Life and Death

The moral of the story is that the fear is not more than six inches deep. If we could find a way to look within ourselves, it is not more than two inc...

Your One-Stop Guide to the Four Kinds of Parenting Styles!

Have you ever wondered what kind of a parent are you? Let's find out!...

Digging Deeper into Sartre's Existentialism!

Sartre’s existentialism encourages people to acknowledge their freedom, cherish it and make the best use of it!...

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