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Ambika Chawla

The author is a Clinical Psychologist, Kaleidoscope - a unit of Dr Bakshi’s Healthcare    

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Impact Of Pandemic On Mental Health Of Students: Social Isolation, Delayed Examination And Boredom

In young children and adolescents, the pandemic and lockdown have a greater impact on emotional and social development compared to that in the grown-ups.

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Ekam Organise the World’s Biggest Online Meditation Event

Join Millions in the World's Biggest Online Meditation Event- Ekam World Peace Festival 2021. ...

How Much Water Do You Need?

Water is required for the proper functioning of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body....

How Has WFH (Work From Home) Changed The Food Landscape And Its Impact On People's Health?

It goes without pointing out the obvious that the pandemic has reshaped our food landscape for now, and the future....

PCOS And Mental Health

Polycystic ovary Syndrome, commonly known as PCOS has emerged is a common hormonal disorder which influences the menstrual cycle of the women....

Bengaluru Plays Host To Post-Covid Health Wellness Program

The program focused on methods to strengthen immunity and ways to deal with post-covid symptoms through Yoga and a healthy lifestyle. ...

How To Use Metaphysics To Attract Financial Abundance In Your Life

It is a powerful belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on....

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