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EvrCare launches Employees’ Family Wellness Programme to address growing concern of ElderCare

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone tremendously but the most affected lot has been the elderly population, especially the ones who have been staying away from their children for various reasons

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‘Serving the Shramiks’ - Providing Food and Water to over 1,20,000 Migrants

In light of the conditions of migrant workers travelling on Shramik trains, professionals who have graduated over the years from the premier institute started the initiative ‘Serving the Shramiks’.

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House of Cheer Announces Launch of to Measure Happiness

Using behavioural psychology, neuroscience, and data-analytics, with inputs from experts in the field, combined with extensive experience leading large-scale operations, they have developed a unique proprietary service to measure the happiness quotient within an organization and to provide customized solutions that empower leaders and inspire teams

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Sadhguru urges the world to unite to combat desertification

Most people don’t understand to what extent we have exploited ecology and how it actually translates to human life and to the life of the soil,” said Sadhguru, Founder, Isha Foundation

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Shikhar Dhawan invests in SARVA - leading Indian yoga brand

This is the first-of-its-kind investment by a sportsperson into the brand that has earlier received funding from prominent names including Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

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Suzy Singh in conversation with Dr. Annurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, BW Businessworld and Kavi Bhandari

Emotional hygiene is very important – Suzy Singh. When our subconscious is clear of any disturbances then we can truly be happy. The essence of happiness is within us.

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One Health concept - a global approach to reduce health risks: Chairman, NDDB

Shri Rath mentioned about the one health concept, which recognises the necessity of a collaborative approach to optimise health indices by recognising the interconnection between humans, animals, plants and their shared environment

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Art Enlightens You

Art has various forms like paintings, dance, music, poetry, etc. and they all drive us away from the reality and bring us closer to it at the same time

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Neurosurgical care for all - in covid times

Dr. Sunit Mediratta (Consultant Neurosurgeon at Apollo hospital) has been at the forefront and has also been providing free consultations to patients across all sections of society for the past few weeks since the lockdown was announced

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Peculiar PICA

The word “pica” comes from the Latin word for magpie, a bird known for its large and indiscriminate appetite of ingesting random items. ...

Tips on how to set and achieve fitness goals in 2021

While being practical with goals helps staying motivated, knowing yourself and achieving realistic targets directly boosts your self confidence....

Coping with the overwhelming stress caused by the work from home model for employees as well as business leaders

According to a YourDOST study, 58% of Indian working professionals report a significant rise in their stress levels during the pandemic due to a loss ...

Mental Health and the Road to Recovery

The anxiety of COVID itself is magnified for some depending on their circumstances. Some find themselves very isolated and lonely, while others are tr...

Is our struggle inevitable?

Most of us are deeply conditioned by the idea of struggle as a way of life. In fact, we are taught from childhood that only through struggle can one s...

How sportsmanship qualities can help build resilience and provide motivation to face any adversity

Often, when reading about highly motivational stories of grit and succeeding in the face of adversity, we come across stories of sportsmen who display...

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