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Taparia’s book about lockdown effects on migrants becomes Crossword bestseller

Karan Taparia, the 17-year-old boy from Mumbai not only started Kushal Bharat, a platform to help the migrants during the pandemic but also his book ‘Where Do They Really Belong?’ becomes the bestseller as it brought up points of concern which have been overlooked since years.

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5 Eco Friendly Gifting Options For Diwali

The world is making conscious choices and with the festive season engulfing us, amongst all the negativity there is a visible spread of awareness and an initiative to make this Diwali, a happy one for the environment as well.

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Explore synergy of body, mind and soul at Nimba Nature Cure

Opting for a wellness retreat is a proactive approach to take charge of your health and ensure overall well-being.

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India’s first precision stenting procedure performed to save 58 year old female

While coronary angioplasty remains the first line of treatment for such massive heart attacks, but in synchronisation with the OCT technique, the precision of stenting has also improved the outcomes with a better quality of life

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Speak your heart out with India’s largest virtual listening platform Eat Luv N Pray

Eat Luv N Pray aims to create a ‘Never Alone’ moment for all with the power of active listening and research-based emotional support.

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As DaanUtsav celebrations sky rocket despite lockdown, mental health becomes a core issue of discussion and support

All of which goes to show that innately no matter what the circumstances people truly love accessing this joy!

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Mental Health of millions is affected by COVID-19 Pandemic - Here's how one can seek help from these platforms

While social distancing and self-isolation is at its peak, the need for mental help is more evident than ever.

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Decoding emotional labyrinth of fragrances – commoditization to informed selection: Study

The Scent of an Emotion - a syndicated study by Ipsos India, decodes this vast and complex emotional labyrinth of fragrances, providing brand mavens with a whole new prospect of propositions and imagery for product innovation and communication, tying in with emotional aspirations of consumers.

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Penguin to publish an essential guide to everyday fitness with Shwetambari Shetty

Published under the Ebury imprint, this book is due to release in October 2020 and is currently available on pre-order on select ecommerce websites.

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How Covid-19 is affecting the global fitness industry

The normal life of a person is now unsettling, many people have lost their jobs and businesses due to the financial crisis.

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10 Tips to alleviate your Child’s mental stress placed by Covid-19 pandemic

By following these tips parents and caretakers can alleviate their child’s mental stress placed by the current pandemic....

10 Tips To Alleviate Your Child’s Mental Stress Placed By Covid-19 Pandemic

Witnessing quarantine or work from home of parents or children themselves have short as well as long-term effects on behavior and personality. ...

Healing your relationship to your Ego: Do not kill your Ego; Heal it Instead

I have no time to battle ego and small minds. In many religious plus spiritual traditions, the ego is considered to be the part of us that is false, s...

Sustainable Sanitation To Pave The Road Towards A Cleaner And Healthier India

To meet the basic requirements for a sustainable sanitation system, communities need support to have toilets in a safe and accessible setting with acc...

How Food Fortification can be an added supplement to combat Nutritional Deficiencies

Food fortification can help in addressing micronutrient deficiencies, improving health and productivity outcomes. ...

In conversation with Sonia Arora Sood and Priyanka Wadhera, Co-Founders, EatLuvNPray.

For situations when someone is experiencing symptoms of a mental health crisis, there is another kind of listening that is the most effective: empathe...

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