Zed Black Launches All-New Aarogyam Camphor Incense Sticks, To Relax Your Mind, Body & Soul

The innovative charcoal free, healing series with camphor, cinnamon, tulsi & kewda scented incense sticks from MDPH to help you meditate holistically.

Zed Black's festive agenda: Mapping consumer choices, unraveling deep-rooted traditional fragrances & urging the practice of meditation

Agarbatti, used in prayer ritual since vedic times, is amongst the oldest and the highest selling fast moving consumer products in the country so much so that, the pandemic led to temples closing down but agarbatti consumption did not drop much. Camphor has been traditionally used over many years for medicinal purposes, religious practices, as a perfume ingredient and many more because of its various properties. It is believed that it gratifies the lords when we use camphor while performing the aarti.

To help consumers continue these traditional practices and beliefs in a more convenient & novel way, Zed Black has introduced its all new Aarogyam Camphor Incense sticks in the market. “We have always been dedicated to bring you not just a scent but an emotion. As fragrances influence our mood and surroundings and keeping in mind the problems that most of us are facing, Zed Black has developed an all new Camphor scent for its countless healing benefits”, shared Anshul Agrawal, Director, MDPH.

MP based Agarbatti manufacturer Mysore Deep Perfumery House (MDPH), which is amongst the top 3 incense sticks manufacturers in the country, known for its flagship brand Zed Black are innovating & launching several fragrances with benefits amongst other product extensions for the coming season. At the onset, the company unveils the Zed Black Aarogyam series which further unravels the secrets of several traditional deep-rooted ingredients or refreshing fragrances infused in agarbattis like Camphor, Cinnamon, Basil, Kewda and more to create the perfect, positive devotional vibe in Indian Homes.  

Anshul Agrawal, Director, MDPH shares, "After the emotional turmoil that we all survived in the past year and more, the benefits of meditation seem all the more appealing to cope and heal in these testing times. Our latest healing range - Camphor, Cinnamon, Kewda & Tulsi under our Zed Black Aarogyam brand is thus bound to be your perfect healing companion in your daily ritual. For those who are looking to create a puja like Atmosphere in their homes/offices with disinfectant qualities, our Aarogyam Camphor Agarbatti or Aarogyam Basil can be a great add-on. Also, regular meditation not only gives you a sense of peace and balance, but also gives you the much-needed time for introspection and positively affects your overall wellbeing.

The latest entrants from the house of MDPH, Zed Black Aarogyam Camphor is that simple camphor incense stick that would remind you of the innocence of grandma’s daily prayer. Use of Camphor or kapoor is deep rooted in Indian rituals and puja, havan. The holy camphor scent creates positivity in your surroundings, timulates creativity, helps in better concentration, relieves stress and anxiety, aids in peaceful and sound sleep and creates a sense of spirituality.

Our other three fragrances are a perfect fit towards the changing lifestyles of our consumers. The Zed Black Aarogyam Basil is that pious holy tulsi or basil fragrance that has therapeutic benefits which purifies the air and fills your home with positivity. And lastly, this traditional yet contemporary fragrance of Zed Black Aarogyam Kewda with its enchanting floral fragrance. Kewda is also used in traditional Indian perfumery, both as functional fragrance and in Attar. And our Zed Black Aarogyam Cinnamon is that sharp, spicy fragrance that can be used to encourage and aid the process of meditation, promote concentration, relaxation & sound sleep ", adds Anshul Agrawal, Director, MDPH. 

Over the years, MDPH has looked at localizing its agarbatti brands and their fragrances, like Manthan Sambrani Dhoop Cups for South India, Panchdeep in Maharashtra, Zed Black Arij in Orissa, Manthan Dhoop & Dhoop Sticks in North India and more. "We did so because our target consumers could relate to these brands and their fragrances better. Even today, along with indigenous manufacturing and distribution, our brand ambassadors Ace Cricketer M S Dhoni & Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan are carefully chosen to amplify in specific regions for specific brands nationally. The company intends to focus on host of regional fragrances apart from experimenting with innovative methods in R&D", adds Ankit Agrawal, Director, MDPH.

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