You Can Not Change The World By Consuming The World - Sister BK Shivani, Raj Yog Meditation, A Spiritual Guide And Mentor

BW Wellbeing World hosted 'The Festival Of Wellbeing' where Sister Shivani explained Rebuild Trust - corporate culture gradually overcoming distrust developed due to pandemic.

“Covid is not the fear and anxiety that we feel today, COVID is just a pressure but it is divided by resilience. Stress is just pressure divided by resilience” said Sister BK Shivani, Raj Yog Meditation Teacher, A Spiritual Guide & Mentor

Sister Shivani speaking at 'The Festival Of Wellbeing', presented by BW Wellbeing World in association with BW Businessworld listed three things that builds resilience and reduces stress

1. Sleep

“Early to bed, early to rise.. is a phrase that today’s school kids do not know. We all have a nobile intention of giving our kids what we did not get, but we also have to give them what we received in terms of learnings, because we are the last generation that can pass on these, after us they wont know Early to bed early to rise, Jaisa ann waise mann.” said Sister Shivani.

Stressing on the importance of good healthy sleep pattern and waking up early, Sister Shivani stated “To wake between 4-5AM – the successful leadership time we need to go to bed before 10PM, For going to bed by 10PM we have to cut off from work communication by 8PM unless it is a crisis and crisis is rare. While this seems impossible, but if you want a healthy mind and body – Yeh karni hi hai!”

2. The last layer of information

“The first hour of the morning and the last hour of the night, if you are going to watch the world news, then the world is only going to become more of what the world is today – you can not change the world. Because you are observing the world, you are becoming the world and you are becoming the same world next morning. You can not change the world by consuming the world, you have to consume something different to be able to change the world” said Sister Shivani.

“We are taking the mind from the beta stage to the alpha stage by consuming daily affirmations” – she further explained

“the last layer of information is critical, hence 20mins before going to sleep please consuming a healthy emotional diet which means watch, read and listen that what you want to become, which further means watch, read and listen content which has happiness, acceptance, loyalty, compassion, trust in other words spiritual content.” stated Sister Shivani.

3. Last Thoughts and Affirmations

Like the last layer of information that we consume the last thoughts we have during the end of the day is very critical as well. “Lets end the day with thoughts of very selected affirmations as thoughts manifest and become our destiny” said Sister Shivani as she went on to list the affirmations that one should feed their minds before sleep as the mind radiates the affirmations to our bodies along with the right message as to what we want to manifest in our lives.

· I’m a powerful being

Sister Shivani explains – “ Which means I don’t react to situations, I respond out of my own choice as I’m a powerful being”

· I’m calm and stable always

· I’m a giver

Sister Shivani explains – “I give love, I give acceptance, I give understanding, I give compassion. We need to replace the line ‘I’m busy’ to ‘I’m easy’, ‘I’m busy’ is not a healthy line, not for the mind or the body.”

· I accept everyone as they are and everyone accepts me

Sister Shivani explains – “Expectations are not normal, acceptance is normal. My body is perfect and healthy and will always be is an affirmation we put in mind before sleep, because for the next six hours our mind is going to radiate this affirmation to our body, so the last thought before you go to sleep is nothing less than magic”

· Affirmation for your work

Sister Shivani explains – “Whatever is your target at work, put an affirmation for that in your thoughts, I have already achieved my target and then create a divine circle of protection around you of gods love and affection”

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