Yoga to cure Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): What you need to know

In 2019, India had already reported a significantly high number of PCOS patients with 1 in 5 women affected around the country, and the situation is only becoming worse.

It has never been more important to take care of one’s health, than it is now. Yoga has emerged as a trustworthy practice in this regard. Even for stubborn lifestyle diseases that are hard to shake off, yoga offers long-term solutions and cures. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) falls under this category and can be effectively cured through yoga. Paloma, a renowned yoga practitioner based in Mumbai, guides her students through a specific practice to cure this lifestyle problem.

In 2019, India had already reported a significantly high number of PCOS patients with 1 in 5 women affected around the country, and the situation is only becoming worse. The switch to a modern lifestyle has given more and more women the freedom to drink alcohol and smoke from a young age. This coupled with unhealthy junk-eating, harms the physiology of young adolescents, with far-reaching and often severe results on their overall health, including the onset of PCOS. Claiming that yoga is the ideal way to address this issue, Paloma says, “it brings a holistic change – through the mind, body and spirit. Yoga offers a process of healing by removing all toxins and giving us control over our bodies, and enabling us to recover from many health-related issues, including PCOS.”

If detected early and treated with proper care and medical advice from the start, PCOS can be easily cured. However, once it reaches an advanced stage, it becomes harder to treat medically. At this point, the best solution is recovery through yoga and balanced nutrition. It is important to be patient at this stage of the disease, as it takes a long time to cure. “At a very young age, I was diagnosed with a mild case of PCOS, but regularly practicing yoga for 3 years ensured my medical reports were finally clean. That was when I understood the importance of taking care of my lifestyle with organic healing and nutrition,” explains Paloma.

She carried forward her own example and began teaching yoga to treat PCOS to a number of people. According to her, the best yoga postures for curing PCOS include:

· Pranayama (Anulom Vilom)

· Suptabandhakonasana

· Ustrasana

· Shavasana

· Bhujangasana

· Lotus Meditation

· Suryanamaskar

· Dhanurasana

· Setubandhasana

· Cat Cow pose

However, you must bear in mind that in order for yoga to prove successful as a treatment for PCOS, it needs to be practiced on a daily basis. As Paloma clarifies, yoga goes to the depth of the ailment, which is the reason it cures from the root. She fortifies her stance with an example of her client, Prutha Kore, who is a student based in London. Hers was a severe case of PCOS with irregular periods and cramps. She followed Paloma’s guided yoga regime and the balanced nutritional chart created especially for her, for over a year. This allowed her to reduce around 12 kilos of weight, further reducing the severity of her PCOS symptoms by 95%!

Classical yoga consists of Hatha, Vinyasa and medical yoga also known as restorative yoga, which heals diseases from their primary source. Paloma has studied various scientific theories, anatomical sciences and sports medicine, to bring in the perfect balance of modern knowledge with traditional yoga, spirituality and an emotional understanding of the human mind.

She signs off by exalting yoga in general, “it is a deeply healing practice, helping people recover from physical ailments and deep psychological problems which cause depression. Modern styles are more scientific and based on the study of the anatomy, but traditional yoga is based on Ayurvedic studies.”

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