Yoga and its Key Benefits

Yoga benefits people by Unleashing Unparalleled Creativity, Increasing Energy, Reducing Stress and Increasing Focus.

Performing Yoga is an art, it challenges you every day to overcome your boundaries, both, physical and mental. There are a number of Asanas to Kick Start your Morning and to achieve a healthy and fit body only if you decide to devote just 30 minutes daily.

Are you an insomniac? Do you suffer from blood pressure? Yoga can cure-all. Yoga benefits a person in many ways. It is a proven fact that yoga can lessen chronic pain such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

There are many other physical benefits of yoga, such as – 

Increase flexibility – Yoga is all about stretching yourself, which ultimately makes you more flexible and active.

Increased Muscle Strength and Tone – Yoga helps a person to tone and shape up the body. Continuous stretching increases muscle strength. Who doesn’t want to have a strong and toned body? Strong muscles not only make you look good but also protect you from severe conditions like arthritis and back pain. 

Perfects your Posture – Good posture not only attracts masses but also prevents you from chronic diseases like slip disc and other spine-related issues. Yoga helps you achieve those body goals when done correctly and regularly!

Increases Blood Flow – Yoga gets your blood flowing and increases oxygen to your cell. It boots up haemoglobin and red blood cells in your body which results in not only a healthy body but also glowing and flawless skin. 

Aside from the physical benefits, yoga is the biggest stress-buster of all times. Stress can be anything like sleeping problems, headaches, back or neck pain and an inability to concentrate. Practising yoga can help you develop coping and optimistic skills at the same time.

Yoga helps in creating mental clarity and calmness, relaxes the mind, sharpens concentration and so on. Yoga helps you be aware of your own self, which helps with early detection of physical problems and allows for early prevention. 

Many asanas are performed for an energetic and refreshed day. Now, let’s talk about scorpion pose orVrishchikasanawhich benefits the nerves, the endocrine glands and many more, like – 

* Anti-aging
* Improves sense of balance
* Builds Stamina
* Increases the blood flow to the head and brain
* Strengthens the arms
* Releases stress in the shoulders and spine.

Here is how you can perform the asana:

* Balance yourself in forearm stand in the centre of the room.
* Now, bend your knees and lift your head. 

In forearm stand, the hips are pretty much over your shoulders. Your hips must move away from your head. As you begin to curve your spine into a position of extension, it will happen naturally.

As you deepen your backbend, your knees may separate, but keep your big toes touching.

Continue to move your toes toward the crown on your head.

To come out, lower one leg at a time to the floor.

The scorpion pose is known to be one of the most challenging yoga poses. With your legs mimicking the scorpion’s tail and your body resting on both forearms, it resembles the position of a scorpion ready to strike. This advanced pose requires enormous core strength, flexibility, and mental readiness. Yoga gives the mental power to create a quiet space to stay creative and innovative. Yoga helps you make better decisions.

Yoga is not just about working out but also helps to connect your body to the soul. It’s about a healthy lifestyle. The practise of yoga allows people to find stillness in a world filled with chaos. Peace and tranquillity are what you achieve through focused training.

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