Why Skincare With A Personal Touch Is Essential For That Inner Glow

Relying on the safest, tried and tested formulations that contain no sulphates, parabens, colourants, phthalates, or GMOs, each of the products from this line is attractive for many reasons

As we gear up for the festive season, many of us will be concerned about making our skin glow from within. After all, no amount of cosmetics or surgical procedures can ever replace the beauty of healthy skin in its most natural state. With excessive pollution and lifestyle deterrents coming in the way, however, how do we achieve this? By adopting an assiduous skincare regime that offers a personal touch catering to individual needs.

“With increasing awareness, everyone is careful of the products they use on their skin. We wanted to offer people something they could easily incorporate into their daily life and basic routine. Skin conditions change through the day, seasons and locations. We don’t believe in different products for different skin types. Using clinically proven star ingredients in specifically developed concentrations, our Personal Touch Skincare products adjust to perform across all skin types at all times. The aim is to work with the skin to give a long-term healthy glow and natural hydration over short term solutions,” explain Aditi and Ashish Jawa, co-founders of Personal Touch Skincare.

This exclusive skincare line offers luxurious products at affordable prices and has four products in its line-up. These are the FACE BATH, which is a cleansing face wash, YOUTH BURST, which is a refreshing water gel moisturiser, THATT MATT, which is a non-greasy sunblock and the HAIRUP COCKTAIL, which is a hair growth serum. Of these, the Youth Burst is the most popular as it is a rich water gel moisturizer with green tea essence that plumps, hydrates and nourishes the skin minimising the look of fine lines and open pores while giving an even texture. Their non-sticky, matte finish pore minimising sunscreen formula, which is sweat proof on all skin types, is also a popular pick. It is suitable for extremely sensitive skin types as it includes ZINCLEAR65COCO (TM), a dermatologist recommended ingredient for sensitive and irritated skin which can easily double up as a make-up primer that causes no break outs.

Currently the brand Personal Touch Skincare retail on their website, and on multiple third-party sites such as Amazon, Vanity Wagon, etc. Ashish shares with candour, “There are some good skincare products in the market but most are exorbitantly priced. We aim to address a gap we have identified in the market with our brand which is pocket friendly luxury. We provide luxury quality products for every type of skin.”

To this, Aditi adds, “People who have an eye for the quality that some global luxury brands offer, but cannot afford to buy them, are our main target customers and users. Our brand is backed by extensive R&D and has high-quality COSMOS and ECOCERT approved ingredients. We offer a clear and honest promise to all for better and healthier skin. It is a personal approach from the depths of science for self-care for everybody. A personal touch of science and luxury for every skin and budget.”

Relying on the safest, tried and tested formulations that contain no sulphates, parabens, colourants, phthalates, or GMOs, each of the products from this line is attractive for many reasons. In the future they hope to introduce products that complement specific skin types with enhanced performance. This includes an acne series, a dry skin range, more hair strengthening products and a freshly curated lip range. The team behind Personal Touch Skincare has been in the pharma industry for years and have done the R&D which is a combination of science, technology, innovation and luxury. This experience has enabled them with knowledge of handling different skin concerns.

So, if you are looking to level your skincare up a notch this festive season, you know exactly where to look!

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