Why Orthopaedic Surgeons Need To Keep A Track Of Their Patients Recovery

Orthopedic surgeons have relevant professional experience and insight about different kinds of surgeries and their impact on the patient’s daily life.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the insurmountable pressure on the hospitals led elective surgeries and orthopedics to take a step back. Only emergency cases were approved, and rehab post-surgery was done mostly from home, unlike the dedicated in-person comprehensive post-surgery program per usual.

Enhanced recovery after surgery program or as it is commonly called ERAS is one of the best and most effective ways of reducing post-op complications after major orthopedic surgery as this research paper suggests. When we talk about major orthopedic surgeries, we refer to one's surgeries post an accident or a fall, or even those cases of chronic pain or a lifelong injury that needs surgical intervention.

With major surgeries comes a long road to recovery. In these times, patients are not only making sense of the new normal but also adjusting to the intense post-op pain. This is where the role of the orthopedic surgeon becomes more pronounced, since they are the architects of the surgical plan from the start to the finish, have detailed knowledge about the patient’s clinical history, and are involved in the whole surgical procedure. This gives them a great degree of personal and professional insight into their patient’s capabilities, comfort, and recovery timeline. Orthopedic surgeons have relevant professional experience and insight about different kinds of surgeries and their impact on the patient’s daily life. It is important for them to be involved as they understand the complications, care protocol, rehab, and physical therapy techniques that need to be included in the postoperative period.

Patient care is an indelible part of healthcare and it extends beyond the realm of the hospital. Although COVID-19 set limitations on the in-person component of patient services, it has opened up digital spaces and online resources for surgeons to stay connected to their patients, even if it is just lending mental and emotional support. Orthopedic surgeons are at the helm of the process right from the first consultation to recovery so their presence and useful advice and suggestions are highly regarded by patients.

When it comes to physical therapy, every patient has a unique appetite for physiotherapy exercises and rehab. It is important for orthopedic surgeons to oversee this process as they have much-needed clinical insight into the anatomy of the patient that decides their strength level when it comes to the rehab process. Along with the expertise of the physiotherapist and the surgeon, hospitals can come up with a well-rounded and medically sound rehab plan for their patients. Not only does it lend a holistic view of patient care, but also helps in preventing any sort of post-op complication.

The bottom line is that the conversation around patient care is getting more and more fluid and open, presenting interesting opportunities for hospitals to carve out a niche for their services. An orthopedic surgeon is involved in the post-op journey is an indicator that the hospital cares, even after completion of services. It helps the patient stay at ease knowing that their apprehensions and doubts will be addressed by seasoned and known professionals- their own orthopedic surgeons. When it comes to orthopedics, any type of major surgery affects the quality of a patient’s life, so it is wise to provide them with all kinds of support to make this transition easy. As orthopedic surgeons start keeping track of their patient’s recovery, new breakthroughs in patient rehabilitation can be sought and novel ways of preventative care and better treatment techniques can be borne out of this process!

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