Why Learning Plays A Key Role In Supporting Mental Wellbeing?

The brain has been created in a way that if an individual were to stop learning anything, the brain would not function properly.

In simple terms, learning is nothing but acquiring new knowledge, processing that knowledge and understanding the context to make sense of the same. The entire process of learning includes stimulating one's mind, making use of cognitive, creative, analytical and rational abilities. 

In other words, when we engage in learning, we massage our mind. The brain has been created in a way that if an individual were to stop learning anything, the brain would not function properly.

All great thinkers, inventors and innovators kept one mantra alive across their life spans - not to stop learning, no matter the age, no matter the circumstances. This attitude of being a persistent learner lead them to make the most of their mental faculties and offer something new to the world. 

How come, you may ask. The answer is simple. When we make a habit of learning, we are in effect supporting our mental well being.

The process of real learning starts when a child progresses from 0-5 years. At this time, the cognitive development is taking shape and so it is crucial that learning is strongly encouraged. Learnings at this stage of life remain forever in the mind and serve the individual much beyond these growing years. Early learning is like laying the foundation of a sound mind, a sharp intellect and a coherent thought process.

Here, it would be pertinent to mention that learning doesn't necessarily entail doing courses or gathering formal qualifications. Acquiring new information and teachings about life also counts as learning. Gathering a new skill, pursuing a new instrument all qualify as learnings and all of which stimulate one's mental faculties.

Research has also found that learning boosts self confidence, helps establish a concrete sense of purpose, and forge healthy bonds with with others.

Individuals wedded to learning have known to be better self opinion makers, possess better ability to cope with stress and exude more hope and purpose. After all, the brain has been made in such a way that it needs healthy storage and review of information from time to time. Learning aids this natural instinct. 

A few practical ways in which one can harness the most benefits out of learning include:

* Learning a new preparation recipe for a dish never cooked before.

* Visiting a public gallery or museum to learn about history and remarkable personalities. 

* Owning new roles and duties at workplace/schools.

* Reading new books and novels. 

* Undertaking do it yourself activities. 

* Pursuing a new course or hobby. 

* Engaging in art and crafts or painting. Creative pursuits often boost mental well being by getting the brain to think out of the box. 

* Surprising to hear but learning to nurture plants or maybe even try out plumbing can work wonders as a useful learning pursuit. When we get close to nature, we are not only getting fresh environment, most suited to our body but also ensure mental serenity. 

Some mental health experts also believe that making goals and working to achieve them is a crucial aspect to getting learning to influence mental well being. Setting objectives and going on to cross those is a prospect which is known to release positive waves in the brain. An individual ends up radiating positive feelings of accomplishment and achievement when he achieves learning goals. This can also be a motivating factor to learn more. Learning is thus a virtuous cycle every individual - from child to teens, adults to seniors - must necessarily undertake in order to be mentally peaceful and robust.

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