What is well being?

The first thing which comes to my mind when I say it or think it is how well do we feel or how well an individual feels

Does feeling well mean only physically? I don't think so.To me well being is how well we feel mentally as well as physically. Well being basically is a combination of how good we feel mentally as well as physically. It is extremely important to take care of and maintain our state of well being. How we feel at our workplace, our relationships within the family and with others, financial situation, sense of self worth,our place in society,how happy we are within our homes,how we can manage stress,what we eat ,what our leisure activities are. All this and more contribute and determine the state of our well being.

In today's hectic and busy world it's not an easy task to maintain our well being. Life is fast paced no matter who we are or what we do.Whether one is a home maker or a corporate honcho life isn't easy.There is a lot of pressure.If it's not the pressure of targets to be met then its pressure from society,from ones peers and more.Its hard to remain happy and in balance.

The world at large has become extremely complex to live in. Politics has changed,crime is on the rise, expenses are high, the boom of social media is a boon and a curse. In a nutshell life is no longer simple and that makes it even harder to maintain ones well being.

What is it that we can do to maintain our well being. Frankly I feel it's quite a paradox.Well being is very individualistic yet it is dependent on other people as well namely our family being most important in the hierarchy of the people who affect it. So good relationships within the family are one of the most important ingredients for well being.This is where it ceases to be purely individualistic.

Relationships with our friends and colleagues at our workplace if one is working also matter.

What we eat,how we look,some physical activity it may be just a walk is very important as well for our mental well being.

Exercise of any sort is mandatory. It is a fact that it makes us feel good with the endorphin release which follows.

Apart from that for some people a sense of well being is established with a hobby like cooking or listening to music,dancing,reading, a sport or spiritualism.The list is endless.

Our mental well being to a large extent controls our physical well being.Being happy and at peace is the key. Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy. We all know what those factors are.For each individual they are different.Happiness is the key to your well being.

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