What If You Could Find Out What Is Right With You?

There are a bunch of people who have so many things to say when it comes to improving a specific skill set, but so less to contribute when we try to master any existing skill we possess.

Figuring out what is not right with you is extremely convenient to decide, isn't it? The realization comes from within you and from the people around you. It's one guilty pleasure we do not shy away from witnessing in our personal and professional realms of life.

In an interview, when an interviewer asks us-what are your strengths and weaknesses? We might have our flaws on tips, but for strengths, we take a pause and then list them out.

There are a bunch of people who have so many things to say when it comes to improving a specific skill set, but so less to contribute when we try to master any existing skill we possess.

And that is where the strengths-based development technique starts making way more sense. An idea evolved by a renowned psychologist and a successful business executive, Donald O Clifton, said, "What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixing on what is wrong with them?"

With time, few companies and human resource departments have started to adopt this methodology of focussing on strengths rather than giving enough importance to the weaknesses.

For example, during performance appraisal discussions, most HR professionals talk more about channelizing an employee's strengths to improve their output's overall quality at work. They put them in the domains where an employee can perform to their highest potential and bring more goodwill to the business.

This way, it puts an individual in a positive headspace and increases productivity and job satisfaction significantly.

It's more about determining what's right with you and eventually doing more of it to become a pro! This unique way stands out for the upgrading of an individual's prosperity and organizations well being.

Advantages of Strength-Based Approach To Individuals

- Greater Self Confidence and Self-Esteem

- Optimistic Approach To Meet The Deadlines

- Increased Job Satisfaction

- Calm Nature even in Tight Deadlines

- Positive Mindset

- Higher CompetitionĀ 

Advantages of Strength-Based Approach To The Organizations

- Increased Productivity of the Employees

- Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness At the Workplace

- Lower Attrition Rate

- Higher Profits

- Less Absenteeism at Work

- Motivated and Happy Personnel

- Positive Work Culture

Idea Behind Strength-Based Approach

A strengths-based approach works in the principle of positive psychology. As per this notion, an individual is advised and encouraged to leverage their strengths and positive attributes to lead a fulfilling life. It makes a person value themselves and inflicts a sense wherein they accept that 'they are worth it.'

Manage Your Weaknesses & Work Harder On Your Strengths

We acknowledge people have weaknesses, and we must address them once in a while. However, more of our energies should center on being the best versions of ourselves rather than being the best in everything.

Remember, it's our responsibility to manage our weaknesses and analyze our strengths. It means we can work on our personal development and personal growth when we pay attention to our negatives and improve slowly and steadily. On the other hand, when we put all our efforts to restore our qualities, we attain the highest accuracy in our work.

Summing it up

It's critical we recognize and nurture the dynamism of strengths and pay exceptional attention to them. It's time we hit breaks on our weaknesses often and accelerate our strengths to reach and meet our ultimate goals.

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