Wellbeing and Somras

The purity of mind is achieved by consuming non toxic foods like milk fruits curd etc.

Today the world is frantically running after the world. WELLBEING is achieved by achieving purity of mind and body.

The purity of mind is achieved by consuming non toxic foods like milk fruits curd etc.

Quality of food which are non toxic

- Helps in building a strong metabolism which leads to

i) balance of mind,

ii) Minimizing stress.

iii) control of anger, etc

iv) helps in building a good immune system

By imbibing toxic foods and foods which raise your metabolism causing rise of

- Blood Pressure,

- Anxiety etc.

- Violence

- Confusion in the mind

- Damaging the immune system and deteriorating the health


If physical activity like

i) brisk walking,

ii) playing outdoor games

iii) exercising,

iv) swimming

Are not undertaken it can lead to:-

- Obesity

- high blood pressure

- sugar

- heart problems

- Even cancer etc.

Resulting in damaging the wellbeing of the human body.

Practicing of meditation Pranayam Vipasana Yoga etc helps in purity of mind and soul.

Let us take an example of toxic food like Alcohol which when taken, especially in excess, can be very addictive which leads to loss of good judgement causing problems like family rifts and violence etc. This also causes in deteriorating the wellbeing of the human being.

We all know that ALCOHOL is certainly not the NECTAR OF LIFE. It initially gives one a HIGH but actually is a DEPRESSANT.

The side effects can be damaged liver, heart problems etc.

In our scriptures of AYURVEDA it is termed as TAAMSIK and forbidden.

We find most unfortunate that some of the so called SANSKRIT SCHOLARS, who intentionally for their own interest or are bereft of the VEDIC LANGUAGE which is BHAASHA and not SANSKRIT which is a colloquial derivative of Bhaasha and is restrictive, stated that even RISHIS of yore imbibed ALCOHOL namely SOMRAS.

What a tragedy. These type of translations done of Vedic Hymns by using Sanskrit has brought embarrassment and shame to the true ethos of Vedas.

This is due to the fact that language of Vedas was BHAASHA and not SANSKRIT. BHAASHA was vast, flexible and subject oriented i.e, one word has many meanings. So the meaning which is to be chosen depends on the SUBJECT MATTER OF THE HYMN.

For example in case the mantra is related to MEDICINE then Somras could be ALCOHOL. Unfortunately Scholars translate Somras only as Alcohol.

Let us now analyze the real meaning of SOMRAS which when really understood and practiced. It would be a boon to the wellbeing of Mankind.



Yajur Veda chapter 19 deals with Somras :

Yajur Veda 19/8 states: - ALSO



Somah and Som as per Unaadikosh it is also called Suvati Preryati Aishwarya, chandramaa kapurvaa Using Etymology It Means

1. Creation,

2. to motivate,

3. High potential energy

4. Mental enlightment,

5. Imagination

This mantra reveals the properties or abilities required to reach the stage of SOMA.

Meaning of the words in the Yajur veda mantra as per etymology using Bhaasha

Ashwani - Gati, Deepti, Daan

Motion, enlightment, to donate

Also Ashva Vyaapnot - Permeation

Tej - Bright shining (mentally)

Saraswati - Knowledge

Veerya - Vi gati, Vyaapti Praapnoti Prajan Kaanti Khaadineshu

Speed, Permeation, achievement, creation, Enlightment, synthesis

Indra - Indtiparmaishvaryavaan bhavteeti Indrah

Samarthoantraatmadityo yogovaa

Aishwarya - Happiness

Samartho - Capable

Antaraatma – Knowledge of the inner soul

Adityo - Normally understood surya which provide energy.

All the energy giving centers.

Yogovaa - Sanyam – Control

Yam - Yam Cha Pariveshane,

All round

Grih - Grih grahane,

To absorb, to get

Moad - Harshe


Yoni - Yauti – Mishrayati,

To combine

Note: Yoni – In Sanskrit refer to Female reproductive organ.

The hymn reveals that Somah is achieved when one has the ability to receive, absorb; and possess a high potential energy of intellect and diligence. One can comprehend true knowledge and synthesize information about the problem under consideration. The solution arrived at illuminates the mind resulting in a sense of achievement and delight.

A person having developed the abilities referred to in the above hymn becomes complete in all aspects. He/she is also able to absorb and present all the ethical values and contribute for the benefit of society at large. This ability achieved is SOMRAS.

OUR Rishis with their unexcelled intellect had the capacity to comprehend all aspects of science and arts to achieve purity of mind and body thus wellbeing of a human being.

When it was said they enjoyed SOMRAS it was in reference to their having achieved the joy of having synthesized knowledge of every aspect of life. Reference was not to consumption of ALCOHOL.

Somras was restricted to Alcohol in a later era by scholars who wanted to imbibe Alcohol which had TAMSIK Qualities and was forbidden or loss of knowledge of BHAASHA.

It will be quite evident from the above that SOMRAS was not ALCOHOL but really a NECTAR which gave complete WELLBEING to MANKIND.

For further examples of true meaning of mantras when translated in Bhaasha the true language of Vedas and not Sanskrit. Please refer “Coffee Table Book Vedas A New Perception” of Dr. Satyakam Bharadwaj Magnum Opus


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