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Yoga is an ancient tradition which teaches us lessons on mindful living. Through the practice of asanas, pranayama, and meditation etc. yoga and spirituality helps us to remain in the present moment, and prepares us to take whatever life throws at us one step at a time

The attainment of mindfulness is dependent on how we sow the seeds, and nurture the plant of our consciousness.  The best way to achieve success in life is to prepare yourself before you take on any new task. Yoga is an ancient tradition which teaches us lessons on mindful living. Through the practice of asanas, pranayama, and meditation etc. yoga and spirituality helps us to remain in the present moment, and prepares us to take whatever life throws at us one step at a time. 

Preparation can come in many ways, here is one such example. In the ancient days of kingdoms, and rule of monarchy, the king sent out his son- the prince to mingle with the proletariat, and live like a common man. This was a practice to understand the austerities of life. They believed that this process gave them an insight into the life of the working class citizen, and understand the issues of the common man. After the stipulated amount of time, when they did return to the palace life, their growth was found to be complete. Spiritually, they were elevated as this method of training was found to be calming, and created mindfulness in them. 

Surya Namaskar and the technique of Jal Dhyan (Meditation on Water) are some important, yet simple techniques that you can follow to develop and nurture the quality of mindful living within yourself.

Surya Namaskar

The Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation is best practiced early in the morning before sunrise. This will bless you with physical and mental strength, give you command over your body, calm your mind, balance your energies, and bring peace to your consciousness. Surya Namaskar is a powerful technique to make you more mindful. With regular practise, each and every task that you take up will be done consciously and with great care.

Steps to perform the Surya Namaskar – The Surya Namaskar contains a total number of 8 asanas woven into a sequence of 12 steps for each side, Right and Left. When you begin the Surya Namaskar, you must start with the Right side as the sun’s energy is represented symbolically through this side, while the Moon is represented by the Left. One complete cycle is done when you cover both the sides, and this is made of 24 counts. 

Steps to perform Surya Namaskar

• Pranam Asana (The Prayer pose)

• Hastha Utanasana (Raised arm pose)

• Padahastasana (Standing forward bend)

• Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose)

Santholanasana (Plank pose)

• Ashtanga Namaskar Asana (Eight limbed salutation)

• Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

• Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward dog pose)

• Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose)

• Padahastasana (Standing forward bend)

• Hastha Uthanasana

• Pranam Asana

(Repeat the 12 steps to the other side and start with the Left leg to complete one full cycle.)

Benefits of Surya Namaskar:

• Helps with weight loss

• Strengthens muscles and joints

• Improved complexion

• Ensures a better functioning digestive system

• Helps combat insomnia

• Ensures regular menstrual cycle

• Useful in treatment of frozen shoulders

• Spinal cord and abdominal muscles are stretched

• Internal organs are massaged

• Improves flexibility of the hips

• Stimulates the Manipura Chakra

• Improves balance in the nervous system

• Reduces blood sugar levels

• Reduces stress levels

• Tones the entire body

• Improves digestion and reduces constipation

• Eliminates stomach ailments

• Promotes balance between both sides of the body

Jal Dhyan (Water Meditation)

Water element is life, it will invoke that energy bringing silence and balance to your energy points. 

• Find a spot or a water body where you can submerge yourself up till your neck. If you are sitting in the water, then you should be in Sukhasana holding Prapthi Mudra.

• When you are in the water, observe the touch of water on your body, feel the energy of the water, feel its movement- this is if you are submerged. 

• Collect some water by scooping it up in your palms. 

• Bring it up slowly and pour it gently back into the water body. 

• If you are not immersed in the water, then observe the water from the outside, close your eyes and try to visualize the water and its movements. 

This needs to be done for 3 weeks, and you should practise this everyday continuously. But you can practice this meditation as per time, place and circumstances. You will be able to experience the benefits in 3-4 days, but at the end of 3 weeks, there will be a magnificent transformation within yourself. The practice of Jal Dhyan also helps to detox you, cleanse and purify your energies.


• Promotes balanced living

• Brings calmness to both the body and mind

• Energizes your chakras

• Soothes the mind

• You become less prone to anxiety and stress-related disorders

• Induces relaxed state of being

Abruptly entering in life or doing any project/work may have a negative impact on your living, thereby affecting your growth. Water and Sun are both universal elements that support creation and sustenance of life. So by practising these techniques as recommended, you can improve the quality of your life. Create well-being for yourself, as good health and mindfulness are the cornerstones of both survival, and rich living. The Sun Salutation and the meditation technique of Jal Dhyan are two yogic and spirituality techniques that can aid in building you towards the practice of mindfulness, and bring a sense of calm into your life.

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