We Need To Enlighten Inner Wi Fi: Anil Khandelwal

In conversation with BW Wellbeing World, Anil Khandelwal, Managing Director & CEO, Yogicsecret Healthcare, speaks about the five principles that we should follow to accomplish in life.

"By profession I'm a chartered accountant and I have covered a journey of three and a half decade in finance discipline and I am understanding the balance sheet of human body. So the assets and liabilities which we carry in this costume and the topic which I'm working all the time is that how human beings can be disease free and medicine free," stated Anil Khandelwal, Managing Director & CEO,Yogicsecret Healthcare, introducing himself.

Khandelwal was speaking at 'The Festival Of Wellbeing', presented by BW Wellbeing World in association with BW Businessworld.

He further explained, "Probably what is most important for us to learn that we don't know is 'how this body is functioning. Our heart is pumping 2000 gallons of blood every 24 hours. Our body has a nervous system, which is capillaries - small and big. And if they are taken out of this costume, they'll be somewhere around 60,000 miles, which is probably three times the circumference of Earth. And just imagine that our heart is supplying blood, which is carrying oxygen and nutrients across the body."

He then highlighted that we are made up of five elements and the most important element in this is water. "Another thing which we are trying to build on that how we can make sure that the water inside which actually is proven to have a memory right, because when we go to a temple when we take the water, which is full of divinity and we take it with respect, imagine that inside a human body, there is a 70 per cent water which carries the debris (memory) inside and therefore it is very important to reflect that whenever we consume our food whenever we consume water, whatever we do, all these memories are getting deposited in trillions of cells."

He further added, "If you might recall that when you were talking about and I refer to a point that these tiny boxes of memory which is trillions of cells inside our body, right and these are carrying lots of past memories in this box, how we can live happily and therefore it is so important that we got to think that how we can get out of those past miseries, those memories and live on ourselves to become a better person, a better human being not for self, but for everybody."

He said, "I strongly believe that to empower our body, our mind (because mind body connection is so important), it's very critical that we wake up early in the morning. I get up at 3:30 everyday, come what may. Somebody was talking about the outside Wi Fi. Somewhere I see the inner Wi Fi signals are getting weaker and weaker. We need to enlighten that power inside, trust me the signals will come and help us to improve and eliminate those memories which are of no need."

Khandelwal suggested that if we follow the path of Satyata, we can reflect ourselves; we can audit ourselves. This is what is taught in financial discipline. Let's do our own audit. Let's figure out this balance sheet what we are carrying in the form of assets and liabilities.

Underlining the role of purity, he stated, "Whether it is a relationship, whether it is a food, whether it is a behavior - whether at the workplace or wherever, purity is most important. He also stressed on the importance of patience and politeness."

He concluded that, "if we invoke these principles and create a powerful Wi Fi inside, perhaps the external Wi Fi will improve automatically. Otherwise what's happening is that we become too much dependent on the gadgets that we carry all the time with us. When the Wi Fi is doesn't work, we get restless - that's where we need to figure out that what is the Wi Fi we really need and probably when you start reflecting on that Wi Fi, I'm sure we will become really powerful and whatever objectives, aims or whatever journey we want to accomplish in our lives, I'm very confident that we can transform not ourselves but we can do a great transformation for our society for people around us, whether at the workplace or outside."


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