We Need To Attain Holistic Happiness: Deepak Mittal

In an exclusive conversation with BW Wellbeing World, Deepak Mittal, Founder, Divine Soul Yoga, spoke about the firm and more. Edited excerpts:

Tell us about Divine Soul Yoga?  

Divine Soul Yoga (DSY) founded by Dr Deepak Mittal in 2019, is a wellness retreat and research centre. It was launched to provide affordable holistic life-altering wellness solutions to all with the help of ancient sciences in the form of Bliss Meditation, Divine Healing, Laughter and Yoga Therapy. With centres in Hoshiarpur, Chandigarh, New Delhi and Amsterdam, DSY has plethora of qualified trainers and therapists to assist people balance their mind, body and soul. The therapies have been specially curated to help people become strong enough to handle their stresses, face the challenges of life and lead a good quality of life. Today, under the leadership of Dr Mittal’s, many well qualified yoga trainers and therapists are providing alternative healing solution with the vision to create a world of love where all the beings live with warmth, peace and harmony, creating heaven on the earth.

What are the therapies and services offered by DSY?  

Divine Soul Yoga offers four therapies, namely:

Bliss meditation: A super easy form of meditation that has its foundation steeped in love and has been hand-curated by the Master Dr Deepak Mittal himself.

Divine healing: An amalgamation of both ancient and modern healing techniques, this therapy helps you discover the inner strength of your soul and enhance the flow of divine energy within you that’ll attract luck, inner peace, contentment and prosperity.

Laughter therapy: Laughter Yoga or Hasya Yoga is a modern exercise that’ll induce spontaneous laughter in you, without having to wait for a reason. This is combined with fun activities and helps in relaxation.

Yoga asana: This therapy is specially designed to distress and rejuvenate you while also making you flexible and offering clarity of mind. Advancing gradually from simple to advanced asanas, you’ll learn from our experienced, qualified yoga teachers so that you can practice it later in the comfort of your home.

How the company is providing holistic life-altering wellness solutions?  

We have specially curated a holistic wellness solution at DSY, combining the ancient science of life with meditation retreats surrounded by nature, boosted by authentic yoga, laughter therapy and restorative healing practices. These therapies anchor every being to a perfect equilibrium between mind, body and soul. Each weekend retreat comprises nearly 3 days of deep bliss meditation coupled with insightful discourses on life and how to live it mindfully, with intermittent laughter therapy and restorative healing sessions as also several recreational activities. Each of these sessions begin on Friday evenings and conclude on Monday mornings.

The weekend programme is designed in a way that even first-timers can experience bliss through the practice of these therapies. The USP of the programme is its super easy Bliss Meditation that has its foundation in Love and is specially curated by the Master Dr Deepak Mittal from his vast spiritual experience. The other elements include Divine Healing for cleansing and healing the emotional self and Yoga to de-stress and attain clarity of the mind. But the icing on cake is the laughter therapy which increases the endorphins that are released by our brain resulting in relieving the stress.

Thus, DSY’s brand of mediation and other therapy sessions can help people master the technique of meeting challenges with inner peace and distractions with mindfulness by achieving the perfect harmony between mind, body and soul.

Why did you feel the need to launch the wellness retreat?  

Dr Deepak Mittal is a first-generation entrepreneur, philanthropist and visionary who is also MD of International Tractors (Sonalika Tractors) who achieved success and fame at young age after many challenges. He realised that success and contentment (inner happiness) are two different things; a person after attaining a great name, fame and luxuries, is not necessarily a happy person. And his quest for internal holistic happiness began. Having spent years with learned gurus learning meditation and studying various spiritual books, spending time in nature, he reached a state of bliss where he is successful and happy. 

He intends to share the same knowledge with the world. In today’s stressful era, there’s dire need for all to attain holistic happiness. Therefore, with DSY we have created a unique concept that can help people attain clarity of mind, stress relief, healing, and sustainable happiness. With the mission to spread this precious knowledge of bliss through divine love worldwide, we offer these soul-enriching bliss meditation retreats to offer to the modern society a glimpse of innate tranquillity. 

Also, during lockdown when everybody was dealing with a stress and great loss, we expanded our services and we lent a helping hand to people with our audio sessions. Having learnt from his personal experience, Dr Mittal realised that the kind of emotional and physical stress the world is dealing with can only be eased with meditation. Thus, we provided online session to help people deal with the challenges that pandemic had brought with it. When Covid lockdown ended, we developed the infrastructure of all our centres and strengthened our team of well qualified therapists to be able to help more and more people. 

What is your mission and vision?

With DSY our mission is to share and spread the practical precious knowledge with people that Dr Mittal got from years of practice and experience. Being a self-made man who has achieved success and built an empire from scratch, Dr Mittal is aware of the challenges one faces. With daily habits of these practical techniques and meditations that are offered at DSY one can learn the art of happy living in life. With these alternative therapies everyone can become capable enough to handle their stress, face the challenges of life like a warrior, and come out to be victorious and lead a good quality of life. 

If these practices are followed by people worldwide especially the millennial, we all can attain inner peace and be in a state of eternal bliss. With daily practice of divine soul yoga meditation, one is connected to their inner self and can attain divine oneness. These experience-based discourses can empower us to create the life we love and the world we love around us. 

What are your future plans for this, in terms of expansion and investment?

In current financial year we had worked on the infrastructural development and of the centres to help people deal with the after effects of Covid. 

We are also doing an extensive research on how the alternative therapies can prove to prove that Yoga, meditation and other alternative therapies can boost individuals' health and wellbeing. We recently took a quantum leap in anti-ageing and healing treatment by finding out that the biological ageing process may be slowed down in the human body with yoga and healing.

For next financial year, our goal is to strengthen our present centres and expand our presence not only in India but abroad as well.

How DSY addresses healing post-Covid?

Strong immunity coupled with exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential throughout the whole spectrum of human wellness, Covid has restated this fact in our life. While many people are healing from Covid-19, one issue that many people continue to experience even after they have recovered is the weakness that the virus causes. We advise people to wait a few days, or even weeks, before beginning to practise excessive yoga asanas at our centre. Yoga and meditation when paired with healthy diet can aid in the healing process and the improvement of one’s overall health. Post Covid-19 treatments and therapies the world over are built around living a balanced stress-free life with the right amount of exercise and rest. And that’s exactly what Bliss Meditation and the DSY brand of yoga, laughter and other therapies are all about. 

We at DSY are specially focussing on Yoga asanas which are helping in gaining strength and immunity post-recovery from Covid-19. Multi-level therapies of meditation and laughter therapy are provided with healthy plant based food to de stress and detox the people. A holistic approach is the best amalgamation to use in healing oneself in the aftermath of a Covid-19 infection. 

During the first Covid wave we collaborated with Dabur Research Foundation to conduct a study on 'Effects of Alternative therapies on the health Covid patients'. They were practicing meditation were given our audio session. It was found that patients who were practicing yoga, meditation and laughter therapy were healing better and their stress and anxiety levels were low.

Also, we had set up a standard groups dealing with similar kinds of problems during Covid like sleep disorders, anxiety etc and offered online audio sessions to them. Some of these sessions were followed by an activity that would help them with their disorders. After lockdown, most of these people attended the sessions physically and saw a transformation in their health and personality.

Are there any online healing programs?  

Yes, we do have online healing program wherein we provide audio meditation session to people who cannot attend the physical workshop and also to those who are suffering from any critical diseases.

We conduct 4-hour online programs every weekend which can be attended by anyone and if the people find it effective and interesting they can experience the retreat at our centres any weekend for 3 days. 

We have set up groups of people put together with similar problems like Asthma, Cancer, Insomnia etc and we offer them a set of online audio session and people are associated with us for a long time even from other countries. 


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