Walk A Spiritual Path If You're Depressed

Mental health problems that are common among young people include highly prevalent disorders such as depression and anxiety

75 per cent of serious mental health problems occur before the age of 25. Early intervention in childhood and adolescence can prevent or reduce mental illness that can be lifelong. Mental health problems that are common among young people include highly prevalent disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Researches have found that the covid pandemic has badly affected the youth's mental health and also suicides in several cases. We hear a lot about anti-depression sessions or methods, but can we make spirituality a way towards betterment of mental condition?

BW Businessworld interviewed Preethaji, co-founder, Ekam - World Centre for Enlightenment on this. Excerpts;

What is your take on mental health?

Mental health has gained a lot of attention, not much in India I would say, but globally. The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that mental health problems can be a next pandemic.

People are living very superficial lives. They are not concious, not aware of their inner-world, it has become a mechanical life which isn't focused in security. I think we have lost the essence of being humans and that's one of the main reasons of mental health issues today.

Tell us something about Ekam. What is the vision?

Our vision is englightenment of human beings. We are looking at having 80,000 enlightened beings on this planet living a transformed life with awareness.

Why do you think there are mental issues among youth these days?

If you look at the mental ill health that is amidst the youth these days, we can see that the world has changed as compared to before, and it is continuing to change. The family systems are broken, children are not getting the attention, love, support and connection that they need at home. We are invaded and quickly taken over by the social media world. There are data that shows that a young person is looking at social sites 100-150 times at day. It is such a superficial world that it pulls all the energies of the young people who are living in and for social media.

Can spirituality play an effective role in correcting someone's mental health?

We can kind of put it in a spectrum. On one side is somebody who is totally depressed, and on the other side can be a person who can feel an immense comnection to nature, people, or life. The more one is disconnected to surrounding, the more he gets depressed. Similarly, the more one can move away from suffering, the more he can move away from stress and unhappiness. For this one needs to feel comnected and there spirituality plays a very vital role.

What is the real path of connecting to the reality?

There are 5 key aspects one can practice practically in order to lead a purposeful life.

Make sure spending time in nature. Being around nature activates the neurons of your heart.

Sit quietly one or some day and watch a sunset. It will allow you to calm down, to connect, it will also allow to bring everything in detail.

Sit together with family. Make sure you don't have your phones while sitting together. Share your stories with each other. This will create a bond and a connection among each other.

Do something that contributes to life. It can be either contributing to a plant, forest, animal, or an individual. Include others into your life because the more alienated you feel, the more you suffer.

Practice meditation. I have designed 'soul sync meditation' that leads you to deep state of calmness. One can go through the link we have for that. Meditation changes your neural wirings of your brain.

How many people are actually practising spirituality as per you?

I think we still need to create more awareness about it. As I travel around many countries, globally we can say that people are leaning towards spirituality, but a small number actually practise it. In India, unfortunately we have lost our roots, but we are trying our best to connect with youth for spiritual wisdom. More of the west is inclining towards.

Are there any future plans of Ekam?

My husband Krishnaji will be leading the youth not only from India, but all over the world every month in a special online session. Particularly I do the awakening session called Bodhi, this is how people will get enlightenment.

Any small advice would you give to someone who is very depressed.

Reach out to anybody who can help you. We at Ekam are supporting youth and people from all walks of life. Just know, there is a way to come out of depression. At least start with the soul sync meditation.

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