Vitruvia Creates Brand Identity For Gamyam Wellness Brand

Vitruvia, a brand & design studio based in Bengaluru, has created a holistic brand identity for Gamyam, a one-of-a-kind wellness brand in the country

Need for wellness in today’s world

The years of the pandemic have taught us valuable lessons, the key lessons being the truth that we truly live in our bodies and wellness matters, more than anything else. Good health is not just about staying free of diseases, it is also about understanding our unique body and healing it from within in order to lead a blissful life.

“Wellness as an industry and as a concept has reinforced its place in the world like never before. In a world ridden with stress, chaos and the endless buzz of gadgets, we need to reset our lives by going back to our roots and grounding ourselves in a sustainable manner for a better future. This is the strong premise and philosophy on which Gamyam by Dennisons is based.” said Founder Deepa Nayak

“We are glad to offer ancient systems of healing and seeking in the form of Classical Ayurveda and Yoga at Gamyam. Our retreat is offering these practices for both the wellness seekers and the ailing, in their purest form with the best of facilities and services. Denissons has always been a trendsetter and we are proving it once again!”, said Mrs Deepa Nayak.

The Gamyam brand

Gamyam means ‘the ultimate destination’ in Sanskrit. As a wellness brand, Gamyam’s aim is to help people align themselves with a good life. Through its classical Ayurveda and Yoga retreat, Gamyam aims to provide a soulful and rejuvenating experience for those seeking all-around wellness and healing. At Gamyam, there is an impeccable synergy of ancient wisdom and contemporary living. All offerings are immersed in the innate knowledge of ancient practices, in a modern setting, to ensure ease and comfort. Gamyam’s wellness retreat is set in an idyllic environment—amidst the natural landscape of the Western Ghats, in proximity to various divine shrines, with the Aghanashini river merging into the Arabian Sea. Gamyam offers an ultimate rejuvenation programme that is custom-designed to balance people’s needs, beat the stress and strains of contemporary lifestyle, and take people beyond the physical realm on a soulful experience.

Creating the Gamyam brand identity

As part of the brand design and development, Vitruvia came up with mature, insight-led branding solutions to position Gamyam as a comprehensive and evolving brand, that helps one understand, nourish and nurture one’s well-being and achieve a harmonious state wherein one is ‘Aware, Alive and Aligned’. The branding process involved a lot of research, understanding of ancient sciences like Ayurveda and Yoga and how nature heals, and lessons in the spiritual dimension to a physical healing process, interspersed with good doses of scientific knowledge.

“The project piqued my interest and intrigued me. The multidimensional representation of a complex concept like wellness rooted in ancient wisdom that still holds good was not an easy task to communicate to a modern audience and above all, we had to synergise with the founder’s team and their vision. We at Vitruvia aligned our perspectives brainstormed and crafted a compelling creative proposal, articulating the Gamyam concept and the deliverables. Once the project was set in motion, there were elaborate briefing sessions on every minute detail and therapy. The core Gamyam team helped us understand the concept of wellness well and extended comforting hospitality, and that actually mirrored the intrinsic value of the brand.” Said Vinitha Suraj Founder Vitruvia Brand Studio

“This project taught us that living a good healthy life is not about sacrifices or compromises. Rather it is about living harmoniously with one’s self, the surroundings and the community.”

“From time immemorial, the East, especially India, has always drawn people towards its profound knowledge. And this is only going to increase in the post-Covid world. Earth-friendly and earth-conscious products are going to flood the market, and sustainability will be the mantra going forward. I am sure new brands like Gamyam from India will see an influx of people who seek self-discovery, alignment, wellness, harmonious living and a healthier lifestyle,” opined Vinitha.

Ramesh.V Founder Shashank Associates said “Through the branding exercise, Vitruvia brought out the key ingredients of the Gamyam brand—its 5-pillar philosophy (Ayurveda, Yoga, Nature, Jnana and Divinity)based on the solid foundation of the ancient Indian sciences and its passionate founders and promoters—backed by a compelling storyline on the journey of self-discovery and the mission of aligning one’s self for a harmonious life.” The brilliance of the team at Vitruvia comes from understanding brand design and understanding businesses as per the vision of its promoters.”

The brand design

Vitruvia began its creative process with a visually strong identity for the Gamyam brand through a logo that is unique in formation, deep in meaning and symbolic of everything the brand stands for. An extraordinary experience awaits one at Gamyam, and this beautiful path to self-discovery is what this logo reveals. The journey of alignment is a maze, which directs one through inter-disciplinary complementary phases for one’s ultimate destination. The outer petals of the logogram are symbolic of the divine lotus and represent the Sankalpa or one’s aim and determination to better oneself by seeking alignment of the body, mind and soul. The outer tier of the blossoming lotus welcomes the guests in their great quest inwards. The logo depicts the journey to purification and healing of one’s mind body and soul, in oneness with the Divine—with each gateway standing for each of the five pillars of Gamyam. The logo also reflects the milestone at every step to achieving higher awareness and aligning oneself to a better self and a better life, with the help of the five pillars. The brand logo uses a classic palette of rich teal, and aquamarine blue with hints of gold on a spread of neutral ivory. The logo as a whole reflects the unified wholesomeness of a soulistic experience that Gamyam promises. Come experience the perfect symmetry and design like the wellness of an aligned body mind and soul in the logo itself.

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