Vegan Vs Plant Diet – Know The Difference

A vegetarian diet involves a person who does not eat meat, or sometimes any food of animal origin.

Greens have been loved by all, in various forms. Plant based diets are trending right now and they have been accumulating interest as well as capturing a segment in the food market due to their rising popularity and benefits. Though plant-based diets have been applauded as a key component of a healthy lifestyle there is a distinction between a “vegetarian” and a “vegan” diet.

A vegetarian diet involves a person who does not eat meat, or sometimes any food of animal origin. Therefore, a vegetarian diet may contain no red meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy products or by-products depending on one's preference. Vegetarian diets are composed of dairy (like paneer), grains (such as rice), legumes (such as rajma), nuts and seeds, vegetables and fruits. Many vegetarians supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals which can be found in a variety of fortified foods such as soy milk for vitamin B12, whey protein for their protein intake and various other supplements.

Veganism is a diet that completely centers on plant-based food. There is a strict stance against any animal product consumption while also having less of an impact on the environment and health. Vegans avoid consuming or wearing anything that's been made from animals, including meat, eggs, dairy products such as milk and cheese. Instead of these items, vegans focus on plant food groups like fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts seeds and legumes like rajma, mung and chickpeas. Foods like milk, cheese, paneer, ghee, honey and butter are potential staples for a vegetarian diet but are strictly cut in this diet.

There are several benefits of veganism like better weight management, reduced inflammation, and decreased chances of heart issues, better body functions and better digestion of food as well as absorption of nutrients. Several celebrities and sportsmen like Amir Khan and Virat Kohli have tried vegan diets to improve their overall lifestyle and have found amazing results. There are several drawbacks to this type of diet as well like missing out on key nutrients like B12, getting in too much fiber and not being able to hit the protein intake goals daily. Another issue that vegans in India face is the lack of variety and proper diners that serve vegan foods but with social media and increased awareness about this type of diet, there are several products like vegan protein powder, various foods as well as eateries that provide delicious and nutritious vegans foods to cater the demands.

Many people are eschewing animal products in their diets. Some refuse to label themselves, while others identify as plant-based or vegan. The term "plant-based" most commonly refers to one who follows a diet that consists of mainly plant foods, with seldom any animal related products. The term “vegan” extends to more than just the diet. A vegan lifestyle aims to avoid causing harm to animals in any way possible, even through products used or purchased. Whether you want to be a vegan or a vegetarian, one thing is for sure Pop-Eye surely got his powers from the greens!

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