Vedistry, A Part Of Charak Pharma Launches Fortyfitt Woman Tablets

FortyFitt Woman tablets are packed with the potent combination of Soya phytoestrogens and nutraceuticals that help women

Vedistry, from the house of Charak Pharma, has taken a step forward to help women fight perimenopause and menopause symptoms, and announced the launch of a nutritional supplement – Fortyfitt Woman Tablets. Keeping up with Charak’s commitment of delivering well-documented and scientifically researched formulations, FortyFitt Woman tablets are packed with the potent combination of Soya phytoestrogens and nutraceuticals like Green Tea, Ginseng, Grape Seed, Omega 3 Fatty Acids that help women with a smooth transition from perimenopause to menopause & overall health in their forties.

The event, hosted at Four Seasons Hotel at Worli, Mumbai, where a panel with experts like Dr Bhumika Mundhe as Gynecologist, Dr Manisha Mishra Goswami as Ayurved Consultant, Miss Kajal Sharma as Clinical Psychologist & Dr Zubeda Tumbi as Nutritionist enthralled the guests with their insights on menopause and the changes and challenges in the lives of women in their forties. The panel also launched fortytude, a platform that aims to serve as a safe and reliable space for women to share experiences and get answers without judgement, through a free nationwide whatsapp helpline.

Talking about the new launch, Mr Ashar, Sr VP at Charak Pharma, said, “At Charak Pharma, we have always aimed at curating the best products for our customers. With the launch of Fortyfitt Woman, we wanted to keep up with our commitment of helping women transition during one of the most vulnerable phases of their life with the help of natural yet effective supplements. We as a country are slowly opening to conversations around menstrual health and at Charak, we are happy to lead this change with Fortytude, a point of contact for women to discuss physical and mental health related problems.”

Infused with quality ingredients with benefits that are globally acknowledged, each product by Vedistry and the House of Charak Pharma is made available for purchase only after extensive research and testing has been conducted. The qualitative promise of Charak’s products are fulfilled through rigorous scrutiny of the quality as well as frequent clinical studies. Charak is present in over 30 countries worldwide, and has a very significant online presence.

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