Transforming The Scenario Of Workplace Wellness Through Vantage Fit

In the era of advanced technology, employers have discovered their way around addressing corporate health initiatives through wellness tech solutions.

It is a well-known fact that a healthy workforce leads to a productive workplace. Employers all around the world acknowledge this fact and are therefore taking measures to ensure employee health. Also, a healthy employee indicates low healthcare costs for the company. So, to prioritize employee health, organizations are coming up with numerous employee wellness strategies.

And in the era of advanced technology, employers have discovered their way around addressing corporate health initiatives through wellness tech solutions. With the right approach, warranting workplace wellness does not seem to be of much hassle.

Technology to ensure workplace wellness

However, in the ongoing pandemic, things started appearing dicey. With remote working being in trend, digital platforms are the way to go. And corporates have hugely focused on developing a healthy lifestyle among their employees with the help of multiple AI platforms.

Now, when we talk about workplace wellness, we imply the various health promotion activities held in the workplace. And the sole purpose behind it is to improve health outcomes and adopt healthy behavior at work.

Wearable technology and smartphone health applications make the two most well-suited examples of health technology. Also, companies looking to garner extensive knowledge regarding their employees’ health status could very well employ digital wellness platforms for their cause. The scope is vast and benefits go beyond the spectrum of real-time audits and supervision.

Artificial intelligence is finally being counted on, especially with the increasing virtually native workforce. No sooner working together with it will become our next normal.

Artificial Intelligence in wellness services

The COVID times have turned people conscious and aware of their health. And there is no better time than this for organizations to introduce health and wellness platforms in their workplaces. Offering wellness services on a digital platform makes it convenient even for remote workers. Virtual platforms equal no time-place constraint and thereby boost engagement.

Vantage Circle is a Delhi-based startup with its primary idea revolving around employee engagement. The flagship product of the company, Vantage Fit- all-inclusive corporate wellness platform that works in employee well-being through artificial intelligence. It equips companies with the necessary features to foster employee wellness. The user-oriented platform enables managers to monitor the health activities of the entire workforce closely.

The easy-to-use features comprise a step tracker, calorie tracker, and heart rate monitor, which enhance employee well-being. Organizations can accurately keep track of their employee activities with the presence of the HR dashboard. This dashboard allows them to create and moderate details of workplace wellness programs. Activity tracking gets way easier with real-time insights into workforce engagement levels.

Along with the features mentioned above, there is a mood-o-meter for comprehending the mental state of employees. Also, other physical activities consist of doing squats where the proper movements are detected accurately. Besides swimming, aerobics can be logged in the application too.

As mentioned earlier, employers can run health campaigns on a daily or weekly basis. The HR dashboard authorizes them to start challenges or contests for the staff. These challenges often include employees requiring to complete a specific number of steps, log in meals or do squats. There is a change of tasks in every weekly challenge making the campaigns more exciting to keep employees motivated and interested.

The easy accessibility of leaderboards even lets employees learn about their performance in the ongoing contests and challenges. This progress analysis keeps employees motivated and sets higher targets. Once goals are achieved, organizations reward the staff with redeemable fitness rewards. 

Innovative AI approaches in Vantage Fit that makes it stand apart

Some of the features in the Vantage Fit app like “The Squat Tracker” leverages the power of machine learning to detect squats. You can use our phone’s camera to use this feature. It detects a person standing in front of the camera and predicts whether the person is doing squats or not using machine learning.

Using the input frames received from the phone’s camera, the human body pose is retrieved if a person is detected in the frame, which in turn gives out the position of various body joints present in the frame, which are then fed into our machine learning model. The model in response to the input gives out the predicted action along with a confidence score.

In addition to that, it also tracks the number of repetitions of squats being done.

Fitness Activity Tracker, with a high accuracy model, users can track their mood, calorie, monitor their heart rate, and also integrate the application with different wearable devices.

The Admin Dashboard feature allows managers to create and modify the various aspects of the workplace wellness program, without interrupting any ongoing challenge or contest. It also provides real-time insights into the engagement levels of the employees which makes activity tracking quite hassle-free.

The Managers of an organization also have the flexibility to reward employees with fitness points, customizable badges, and virtual trophies. The fitness points can be redeemed globally as gift cards as well.

Additionally, corporates are free to sync the application with several wearable devices in use.

Therefore, AI tools serve employers with enough potential to automate daily health-based tasks, which improves overall employee health.

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