Towards A Grateful Tomorrow: Expressing Gratitude To Your Helping Hands

Gratitude is not just a gesture, but a positive feeling that a recipient feels after being offered some sort of help.

Remember the time when someone thanked you for your help, or just being there for them? Or may be the time when you received something as a token of appreciation. How did it feel? You might have felt really good, right?

Gratitude is not just a gesture, but a positive feeling that a recipient feels after being offered some sort of help. It is an emotion that strengthens social relationships. Research over many years has proved that expression of gratitude can benefit people in ways more than one can imagine. Some of the proven benefits of practising gratitude include:

1. Strengthens and builds relationships

Showing appreciation to your friends and loved ones strengthens bonds. Expressing gratitude also helps in making new friends and building new relationships because it makes you more approachable.

2. Enhances Positive emotions

Research has shown that expressing gratitude to someone not only makes the receiver feel good, but also boosts the happiness of the giver. You will be surprised to know that practicing gratitude keeps away feelings of envy, frustration and facilitates positive emotions that make us happier and more resilient.

3. Increases self-esteem

Studies have shown that expressing gratitude helps in overcoming the tendency to compare ourselves to others which boosts our self esteem. Another study showed that participants who completed a 4-week gratitude contemplation program expressed greater life satisfaction and self esteem than the control group. (Rash, Matsuba and Prkachin, 2011)

4. Improves sleep quality

Studies have shown the effect of gratitude journaling on one’s sleep quality. In a research done back in 2016, participants who were a part of a 2-week gratitude program witnessed improved patterns of sleep cycle. They also expressed that they felt fresher in the next morning as compared to before.

5. Improves overall health status

Studies among patients with hypertension revealed that those who practised gratitude at least once a week witnessed a significant decrease in their blood sugar level. Research over the past has also shown that grateful people are more likely to stay healthy, exercise more and experience holistic wellness as opposed to their counterparts!

Now truth be told, last two years did bring a whirlwind of uncertainty. The unprecedented times haven’t spared any of us resulting in various difficult emotions. Times have been particularly difficult for those who have lost their loved ones, their jobs or have faced any crisis due to the pandemic.

So if during such difficulties, you had some people who really went above and beyond to be there for you, then gratitude is the best gift you can offer.

While we feel thankful towards those who have helped us, it is equally important to express it through actions. Here are some simple Expert tips with which you can practise expressing gratitude:

1. Verbalise your feelings: Expression with words is the most simple yet powerful method to show gratitude towards those who have helped us.

2. Indulge in acts of kindness: Doing simple chores for the person, or helping them with their daily tasks are simple acts of kindness through which you can express gratitude.

3. Write gratitude notes: Think of the ways someone made your life much easier during your stressful time and write a personal note for them. The message can be as simple as “Thank you for sticking around with me”.

4. An impromptu catch-up: We all feel overwhelmed getting through these times, and a simple catchup to ask how they are doing can be really thoughtful. Show them that you value them by letting them know that you are there for them.

Through its gratitude campaigns YourDOST has enabled various partner stakeholders to establish a culture of expressing gratitude among employees, students and their loved ones.

On this International Thank You Day, pledge to be a little more grateful and rather show grateful actions towards all those around you through these simple ways.

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