Tips to make the right decision for IVF treatment

IVF is one of the most commonly used assisted reproductive technique.

In reality, up to I in 10 couples faces difficulty in conceiving during first 12 months of trying. Treatment options available today are relatively simple, cost effective, affordable with good success rate .

IVF is one of the most commonly used assisted reproductive technique.


Especially of female partner has very very important role to play in IVF treatment . Number of eggs in each ovary is fixed since birth and once the puberty is attained , one follicle out of few reach dominance, ovulate . So every cycle eggs reduces in number and by the time woman reaches 35 or beyond number of eggs are reduced considerably . Beside number of eggs ,the quality of eggs also start getting deteriorated genetically .

Chances of miscarriage, birth defects , and failure of IVF increases with age.

Its said age does not affect man much, but there are papers and studies stating that with the increasing age of man, hormone testosterone start reducing which may reduce the number and motility of sperm and increasing rate of DNA fragmentation seen in sperm resulting in birth defects and chromosomal abnormalities.

A basic understanding of how age affects fertility is very important for both partners so that they can plan for pregnancy without delaying for social,educational or professional reasons.

Fallopian tubes unhealthy or blocked

We all know function of fallopian tubes is to pick up the egg after ovulation and transfer to mid tube where sperm fertilize the egg and then the developing embryo reaches uterus where implantation takes place and pregnancy grow.

If the tubes are unhealthy or dilated then fetility reduces or chances of pregnancy ( ectopic pregnancy ) in the tube increases. If the tubes are severely damaged or blocked then without wasting time decide to go for IVF .

Unexplained Infertility

When all the basic test reports are normal and patient has failed intrauterine insemination cycles then move on for IVF as the tubes may not be functional or there may be problem in fertilization.

Low AMH or Poor Egg Reserve

Women with low AMH or poor egg reserve should not waste time and plan for IVF to have better pregnancy outcome .

Male Infertility

Men suffering from either low sperm count of less than 5 million, poor sperm motility, and abnormal sperm shape should consult their doctor to understand best possible option available.

When you are mentally prepared to go for IVF

When your doctor advise you to plan for IVF , its important to prepare oneself both physically and mentally.

Patient should be aware of the entire procedure, how it works, cost involved, success rate , and number of visits to the hospital .

Both partners should follow healthy lifestyle like Regular exercise , maintain optimum body weight , healthy diet , follow yoga / meditation to keep themselves relaxed, avoid smoking and alcohol.

To prepare yourself mentally and emotionally is equally important as IVF is not 100 percent . If you are mentally prepared then you are less stressed out and this improves the success rate also . In case if IVF fails than it becomes easier to cope up with this challenging situation and to try further options available.

Right Place

For IVF, do consider to look for IVF specialized centre with good IVF lab , Experienced team of Clinicians and well trained In House Embryologist to give you good pregnancy outcome.

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