Tips on how to set and achieve fitness goals in 2021

While being practical with goals helps staying motivated, knowing yourself and achieving realistic targets directly boosts your self confidence.

To say 2020 has been a challenge is an understatement. Thankfully, we’re one week into the new year and it’s time for new beginnings. This gives us good enough reasons to not only improve our health but also to stay happy and lead an active lifestyle. However, it is equally important to go about it the right way and embark on the fitness journey.

Be specific

Personal trainers recommend having specific goals or concrete plans – while backing it up with the necessary motivation – to help achieve the desired results. Giving yourself little challenges always helps. For instance, nailing your first pull up, perfecting that squat or hitting the 10,000-step goal. Recognising what challenges your abilities – whether as a beginner or as an advanced athlete – helps set expectations in a positive and exciting, albeit reasonable, manner. Specificity also allows precise and easy-to-track planning in your fitness routine.

Realistic time frames

While being practical with goals helps staying motivated, knowing yourself and achieving realistic targets directly boosts your self confidence. A stagnant, unchallenging routine will only result in boredom. However, dynamic short-term goals will help you go much further with your desired target.

Increase your competitive edge with a partner

If working out in isolation has got you down, another great option is to commit to an exercise community. Reach out to friends or family members and together you can work towards individual and group fitness expectations. Working out in a group is great to develop healthy competition.

A professional trainer will also ensure you’re making informed decisions about priorities. They can help outline a detailed plan to methodically progress towards fitness goals, while making sure you avoid the usual drawbacks of plateauing in your journey and losing steam.

Have fun

If you don’t enjoy working out in a gym, it doesn’t mean your health is forgone. A dance class, Zumba, yoga or hiking can help alleviate the melancholy of isolation during the pandemic induced lockdown. Plus, you’re burning calories while doing it. You can take up fun fitness challenges as well like jog for 5kms without stopping or a dance challenge with your friends.

Staying fit requires motivation. Everyone’s journey is different but Fitternity has your back. With over 17 fitness categories including mixed martial arts, Zumba, and functional training, the booking and subscription platform helps you stay motivated and allows you to attain your desired fitness goals.

With the ongoing pandemic, it’s crucial to maintain social distancing. Keeping this in mind, Fitternity has brought forth exciting offers on personal training sessions and customised workout experience at home via virtual format. Plus, the 4,000 plus gyms in partnership also adhere to strict safety guidelines. The pandemic has impacted our mental health in many ways. It is imperative that we be kind to ourselves as we shape paths to our goals, and that we recognise the significance of surrounding ourselves with supportive people while staying healthy, happy and, of course, fit

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