The impact of spirituality on mental health

The most basic attribute of spiritualism is to know oneself and the person deep within. Spiritualism is the journey that one embarks on connecting the soul with the Almighty.

Mental health is a refined phrase referring to the level of psychological well-being of an individual. But before we talk about the impact that spirituality has on mental health, we need to first understand what spiritualism actually is. The most basic attribute of spiritualism is to know oneself and the person deep within. Spiritualism is the journey that one embarks on connecting the soul with the almighty. Our thought process has a big role to play in this regard.

For instance, when water gets logged in a confined space, it leads to foul smell and even diseases. Such is the case with our thought process. When we get stuck on a certain thought, and are unable to think ahead or take a step back, it leads to clogging of our mind and often allows negative thoughts to settle. That thought is somewhat like a poison and can be fatal for our mental health. The path of spiritualism cleanses our mind of such thoughts, thereby setting our mind and thought process free.

If often happens that people achieve a lot of things in their life, still the desire of getting things that they couldn’t accumulate remains intact. And when they do not get what they desire, their mental health gets adversely affected. The reason might be that the condition was not conducive to the fulfilment of the desire, but it ultimately results in the person not giving 100% to whatever he does. Such situations compel people to reach out to a psychiatrist or a doctor to get a remedy, but that solution is never permanent. But when the same person resorts to the path of spiritualism s/he gets acquainted with his own strengths and virtues, which eventually helps in healing the mental health. I believe in a slogan – Khud Ko Tu Pehchaan, Tujhme Hai Bhagwan (Recognise yourself, for the God is within you), so it’s imperative to know your strengths to overcome obstacles coming your way.

When you get closer to yourself through spiritualism, you get to know your own cosmic energy. If you car tank is filled, you might go to any place of your choice. Similarly, when a person gets attached with the cosmic energy within, then the strengths within get unleashed. In other words, spiritualism acts like the mythological character of Jamvant, who helped lord Hanuman recognise his strengths and overcome all obstacles en route Lanka.

However, the road to spiritualism is no cakewalk. A matchstick needs to face friction with a surface to ignite fire, and in the same manner, you need to face and overcome obstacles or unwanted situations that come your way to successfully embark on the spiritual journey, which resultantly makes your mental health fit and fine.

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