The Texas Medical Concierge - In conversation with Aanchal Bhatia (President)

We have tied up with major credit card companies, insurance providers, wealth management firms. So, by the end of this year, there would be substantial market penetration in this new category of healthcare : Aanchal Bhatia

Aanchal Bhatia has always been very passionate about bringing transparency in healthcare and a balance between the doctor-patient relationship. She has herself been a victim of the wrong medical diagnosis and has lost her loved ones because of the way the healthcare industry works in India. She decided to write a book to share her views on the reality of Healthcare with the hope that the power distance between the doctor and patient will reduce.

She trails her own experiences and challenges but largely has written the book as a self-help tool to empower patients. The book is well supported with case studies and research which provide insights into how modern medicine due to its scientific predisposition has moved away from spirituality.


Q. What is “The Texas Medical Concierge”?

We are on a mission to empower people to be the CEO of their health in this globalized digital world. TMC is headquartered in Houston, home to the largest medical center in the world. Our virtual health desk is managed by a centralized medical team that serves clients all over the world. This global team provides private health management and advisory services to its members through cutting edge telemedicine services and relationships with the best medical centers of excellence.


Q. What is the USP of this company?

At Texas Medical Concierge (TMC), a team of concierge physicians detangles this complex world of healthcare and becomes your patient advocate. Our USP is Global Medical Second Opinion, Medical Emergency management, Global Healthcare Navigation.

Our professional health desk manages your medical records while you have access to consolidated dated records on a secure patient portal. This not only helps you or patient but helps the family and caregivers share information among doctors and other family members so everyone is on the same page. Our dedicated medical team can help you create your personal medical file. Electronic Medical Regards, Second Opinion, Medical Emergency, Global Health Navigation


Q. How does one enroll?

One should call at our tollfree number 1800-608-0056 (US) or +91 11 4619 4444 (India) or email us at 


Q. What have you observed being essential areas for the scope of improvement in our health care sector?

Better patient attention by the doctor, Accurate Diagnosis, Recent technological and medical advancement introduced at an early stage


Q. How do you deal with competition in the market against other big players?

We do not have a lot of competition in our space, our unique services and technologies are not offered by anyone else.


Q. How do you envision the Medical Concierge enhancing its reach and service in the Indian market in the near future? 

Medical Concierge is a new concept in India and it was unheard of 5 years ago when we started. In the next few years we are hoping that more and more people will see value in having professional advocacy and advisory service. We have tied up with major credit card companies, insurance providers, wealth management firms. So, by the end of this year, there would be substantial market penetration in this new category of healthcare. 

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