The Protein Week 2020: Sensitizing Delhi on the role of protein in building immunity

As part of this initiative, public health awareness programs will be organized digitally in several of the Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow and Bangalore where protein deficiency is a major concern

With an aim to sensitize people on the role of protein in building immunity, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) together with Danone India, has launched the fourth edition of The Protein Week, which is organized from July 24 to 30. As part of this initiative, public health awareness programs will be organized digitally in several of the Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow and Bangalore where protein deficiency is a major concern. CII is committed to inspiring healthy eating habits among Indians through multi sectoral engagements with partners and this initiative with Danone is an example of that initiative.

Leading nutritionists of the country will engage with people of Delhi and sensitize them about the role of protein and other vital nutrients in strengthening immune system. On occasion of The Protein Week a free of cost Immuno- Nutrient Calculator was launched by Danone which helps consumers assess their intake of relevant nutrients in their daily diet and whether their diet includes adequate nutrition to build immunity.

Speaking about the initiative, Ms Vinita Bali, Chairperson, CII National Committee on Nutrition said, “The idea is to sensitize people and make nutrition easy to understand, such that every day behavior changes towards healthier and more nutritious food choices. The Immuno- Nutrient Calculator, developed by Danone with key partners is an example of this. CII’s National Nutrition Committee has been working multi-sectorally with food and ingredient companies, regulators, development sector partners, etc., to increase the availability and accessibility of nutritious foods and beverages, as under-nutrition continues to be a key development challenge for Indians.”

Mr. Himanshu Bakshi, Managing Director, Danone India further added “At Danone, we are committed to address the local nutritional needs of people. Protein deficiency and awareness is a major concern in India, as indicated by various independent studies. To tackle this issue, Danone India - through its brand Protinex has been spearheading an annual consumer awareness initiative with leading nutrition partners. This year, through our partnership with CII and leading nutritionists we are driving a large-scale public education campaign on the role of protein in building immunity, to reach out to people across India through various initiatives planned during the week.”

Dr Jagmeet Madan, Leading Nutritionist, Principal and Professor at Sir Vithaldas Thackersey College of Home Science (Autonomous) SNDTWU, Mumbai said “Protein has a clear role in building immunity which many people aren’t aware of. Protein is made up of amino acids which play a crucial role in strengthening immunity. Antibodies and various immune cells are benefited by proteins which are needed to keep immune system healthy and infections at bay. Therefore, attention must be paid to include adequate protein in diet to preempt any protein gaps.”

The Protein Week initiative is an effort to re-establish the importance of protein for health and wellbeing. Protein plays a vital role in building a strong immune system, that can offer protection from seasonal illness and several other health problems. Protein make up the framework of body defense systems, antibodies, enzymes and hormones. In addition to protein, nutrients like vitamin A, C, D, E, B6, B12, zinc, folic acid, iron and copper are also essential to build immunity. 

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