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Recently in the capital, Shilpi Arora and Madhavi Advani hosted “A Talk on Happiness”, by renowned Vastu expert Shri Girender Bharti Ji

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Girender Bharti Ji enlightened the guests by his thought provoking words. Salma Sultan, Harshit Malik and Kaushalya Reddy were the panelists of the event whilst Monika Choudhary moderated the entire event. The session was graced by prominent guests including Nasir Abdullah and many more. Shilpi Arora, Entrepreneur, Social Activist, Founder & Chairperson of FICCI FLO Uttrakhand also running an NGO named ‘Women’s Association for training, empowerment and resettlement was present. Madhavi Advani is a Global Luxury Consultant and PR for real estate, art, hospitality, weddings, fashion designers, jewellery, health, wellness, beauty and bespoke events.

Salma Sultan, Co-Founder, Naurah Design House, former well-known Indian television journalist shared his views. Harshit Malik, Founder of Co-working called JUMPSTART and internet radio WALKTALK, and is also known as a motivational speaker also gave inputs. Kaushalya Reddy established as one of the premier Kuchipudi artists, is the senior most disciple of Padmabhushans Dr. Raja Radha Reddy. She has performed at many esteemed venues such as Sadler’s Well, London, Hungarian Arts Festival, New York Consulate, Eden Derry Festival, Saka Tokyo and Play House, South Africa. She has toured countries like USA, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and UAE. Monika Choudhary, former Chairperson of FICCI FLO Ludhiana also is a partner in a renowned interior architectural firm in Ludhiana. Girender Bharti Ji said “Vastu wisdom provides a holistic and integrated approach of different remedies and rectifications based on vedic vastu, Building Biology, Astrology, Numerology and fengshui. Mindset and belief system is also a very important factor to impact one’s luck and vastu wisdom has lots of powerful techniques to work upon this domain too.”

The session was very insightful as Girender Bharti spoke about everything related to Vastu and its benefits and has benefitted a large number of people. He gave examples from his personal life as how he turned around the lives of others who had several problems. He displayed and explained every concept through a detailed presentation. This was followed by his speech on how Vastu is not about luck and how it is even scientifically proven that it helps in a major way. This talk really helped people get awareness of Vastu and its umpteen benefits. The main concept was that of how Vastu can bring happiness in our lives. He proved that happiness and joy is very important and how Vastu makes it happen for everyone's benefit.

Over the last 30 years, Girender Bharti has personified the art of being a life-long polymath. He has established deep expertise in subjects of deep wisdom. Bhartiji spent over 12 years with different masters across the world to learn everything about meditation. He stared of his career by teaching the ancient wisdom of meditation to fellow seekers. From Meditation to Energy Vastu to Astrology to Numerology to Advanced Reiki to Pranic Healing to Theta Healing to Egyptian Cartouche healing to Past Life Regressions; Bharatiji expanded his horizons of mastery. He coached, trained and conducted workshops to enlighten the next generation of leaders in these fields.  In his personal transcendence from ‘seeking’ to ‘sharing’, Bhartiji realized his true joy lies in helping people be happier, healthier, and lead more content human lives. Vastu Wisdom offers sessions to generate positive changes in your design. They are well versed with the ancient environmental science of vastu shastra that helps the clients to renovate the surroundings and exclude the effects of geopathic stress while improving your health, happiness and well-being.

Girender Bharti Ji’s venture 'Vastu Wisdom', bestows solution for rectifying “Sick Building Syndrome” (A condition in which people suffer from illness or acquire chronic disorders from the building in which they work or reside.) It also endows remedies to cure chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disorders, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, concentration problem, ADHD, COPD, chronic allergies, pregnancy problems & many other such conditions.

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