Testing relationships? Do These 5 Things To Handle Them Like A Pro.

Covid has brought situations where everyone has to fend for themselves. This is affecting mental health in an immense way but is still largely underreported.

Here are the 5 things you should do to handle these situations 

1.*Practice gratitude*: If you pay attention, there are so many other things in life for which one can be grateful. It can be the smile of your baby, the food someone lovingly prepared for you, kind gestures by people around you. You can even have gratitude for technology which is making all of us to work efficiently in these disconnected times.

2. *Self-awareness & fair value system* : Any situation will become better only if one is ready to learn out of it. Learning from situation starts from self-awareness- your ability to observe your (thought, emotion, action, habit). To self learn effectively one needs to have a fair value system which is again very tricky. By default we are biased to think from our point of view. But to be able to understand/solve a situation, you should be able to think from other person point of view also. This is a very hard skill to acquire but a differentiator which is worth working for.  You need to understand that the other person/party also have their rights and should be able to walk that fine line which is fair for both. 

3. *Breaking relationships can be good*: Yes, if you have pondered enough and concluded that you are better off breaking a certain relationship, go ahead and do it. But don’t fall into the trap of short-term gains and long term loss.  Do what is best for your long-term wellbeing. 

4. *Find your go-to group of people*: All decisions of relationships cannot be taken alone. You need to vent out your frustrations, hear out your own thought process and then respond. To do this you need people who are actually wise and mature. It’s very tempting to go to people who will say what you want to hear but please try going to people who will actually give you the right advice. The internet has many forums where you can discuss any issue under the sun. Looking for self-mastery/personal development groups on Facebook also works.

5. *Build resilience & adaptability* : We still don’t know which stage of pandemic we are in. Still volatility is a daily given. In this scenario, building resilience to change and adapting to the new realities is important. Whoever is quickest in doing this will be at an competitive advantage. 

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